Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I Spy: S

Welcome to I Spy...from A-Z!

Hi everyone! Great job with the R words, that last picture of the painted crab was supposed to be just a Random picture. There are a bunch of those weird painted crabs around town. :) Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the challenge or at least enjoying the down time while watching all us crazy people do A-Z, lol. 

Ok so you guys know the drill by now, let me know what words you see in the pictures starting with S. 

And now, without further ado.....

I spy with my little eye things that begin with the letter...



My R answers:
Road, Red car, Reflection, Runner, Running, Railing, River, Ripples, Rocks, Railroad (bridge over the water is a railroad), Random ;)


  1. Stones, smoothed stones, stonework, shadows

  2. Hi Elise .. sundial ... and there must be a game with the mineral stones - except I see they're labelled .. that's wise ... and I can't think of any others right now .. cheers HIlary

  3. Solitaire, stones, scoured wood, smooth wood, snowdrops, storage, stonework, sundial, sunshine, shadows, scheduling, siesta,

  4. I see stone in every picture. That last one could be a slab also. :)


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