Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I Spy: R

Welcome to I Spy...from A-Z!

Hello all you rad I spyers! I'm still on vacation and I'm out of pre-scheduled posts. Yikes! The same thing happened to me 2 years ago, I was ahead of the game until the S post. So, it looks like I'm going to have to wing it... and I'm sorry in advance for folks living in time zones east of me, my posts may be a bit late... AND let me tell you how hard it is to type on a QWERT keyboard when you're used to using a French AZERTY. **This is zhqt it looks like if I type nor;ally and zithout looking, lol? And don4t get ;e stqrted on the nu;bers, punctiuqtion key or shift keys<<<

Ok so for those of you joining us, this is a global and totally awesome game of I Spy. Tell me what words you see in the pics that begin with the letter R, and remember, this game is not limited to just names of things.

So now, without further ado.....

I spy with my little eye things that begin with the letter...


There are a lot of R words in this one... (:

And thanks again everyone for playing along, you guys have been great!

My Q answers:
Queen, Quack, Mr. Oliver Queen (main character in the TV series the Arrow--*swoon), Quiver, Quill


  1. Running Roads in the Rear View Mirror like River with a Rat Wannabe?

  2. Rear view mirror, road, radiator, runner, railings, river, rising tide, restaurant, red lobster, rotten looking crab,

  3. I get the first two, but that last one is hard. :)
    I agree with Jo, rotten looking crab. lol

  4. That last one has me feeling like a cannibal.


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