Thursday, 23 April 2015

I Spy: T

Welcome to I Spy...from A-Z!

Yesterday we got some great S word lists. You guys are really good at spotting all these wonderful vocabulary words. And guess what I saw while taking my kids to the museum? A sign for Eye Spy! Maybe I should set up a donation box too, :P   

Anyway, Today my family and I say good-bye to my Dad after spending a wonderful time visiting with him this past week. I so wish we lived closer. But, my family and I have to head back home. The road back starts with a twelve hour drive, and a quick visit of the everglades before getting on a plane Friday. I just hope the final leg of our trip will go as smooth as it started. 

For those of you joining us, this is a game of I Spy. Let me know what words you see in the pictures that start with the letter T!

So now, without further ado.....

I spy with my little eye things that begin with the letter...


My S answers:

Stones, Shapes, Solitaire, Solitude, Sundial, Sun, Shadow, Six o'clock, Sunset


  1. Topsoil? You got me on that first one.
    Sorry you don't live closer to your father but glad you had an opportunity to visit.

  2. Tree, town and turtle! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. hehe.

    That turtle is way too cute!

  3. Trees, toys, and turtle!

    Sad to have to say good bye. Have a safe flight!

  4. Trees, tarmac, tiny township, tiles, turtle or tortoise

  5. Have you been visiting the US? If you ever get to Denver I want to meet you!

  6. Nice to hear you had a great time with your father :)

    Love the little toy town pic - makes me think of 'Beetlejuice' - oh how young they all were.

  7. Trees, tumbled fence. toys, town, turtle treading water.

  8. I see the trees and turtle. Not sure what kind of town that it in the middle. It almost looks like one of those fake towns alongside a model train track!

  9. Tree, Treeline and Tracks (of land) in the first one, Tiny Houses in the second, and Turtle or Tortoise in the third. This was fun. 8-)

  10. Tree, tumbledown fence, tarmac, tyre. Town, tiny, toytown. Tortoise, Turtle, Turtle Soup, Trip to Galapagos.

    Assume you dad lives in the US and you guys live en France, c'est vrai?

  11. Hi Elise - tarmac, tree, tyre, town (model may be but still town!), tiny, turtle ... happy journey home .. long one .. good luck - cheers Hilary


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