Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I Spy: L

Welcome to I Spy...from A-Z!

Hello I Spy Lovers! Last post had everyone up in knots, even me. And yes, King's cake is a thing, so a lot of you got that one. Also jet lag, which is totally out of the blue but that's what I am right now. It's not too bad in the morning, at 6am my body thinks it's noon, but here it is, 8:30pm, my body thinks it's 2:30 am and I'm in bed, and I'm about to fall asleep on this keyboard...... but, must continue..........Plus, today is going to be easy peasy. 

And for those of you joining us, WELCOME! This is a game of I Spy. We're trying to identify words in the pictures beginning with the letter for the day. Easy. And most of it is just that, but the fun is trying to come up with words that go beyond the obvious. 

So now, without further ado.....

I spy with my little eye things that begin with the letter...


Ok, I know, this is soooo easy.....or is it? ;)

And this one is a little harder...or maybe not.
What I'm drinking right now. :D

My K answers:
Knots, King's crown, King's cake, and yes Mark kake is a  bit of a stretch.... :)

I think the longer I'm on vacation the worse I get at this game...


  1. Liquor!
    Lilac? If it's the butterfly, I have no idea...

  2. Hey Elise,

    Yes, I know, where the "L" has that amazingly humble Gary been lately. It's a Long story :)

    Aha, upon arriving at your Legendary blog, I note you are doing that somewhat creepy alphabet challenge. Roll on to the letter "Z"!

    Are you drinking a Lager?

    Take care and happy alphabetting, Elise. Did I really say that....

    Gary :)

  3. leftovers, their liquid gold, my liquid gold

  4. In liquor and love you won't see the light

  5. The butterfly is on a Lilac bush. Beer, I'll go with Melanie's answer...liquid gold...

  6. Letters, limp vegetables, love, lepidoptery, lilac, liquor, lager, lobster, liquid refreshment,

  7. Lilac is the flower, I'm hung up on the last one. Is it lager?

  8. Letters, Love, Lilacs, Lepidoptera, Liquid, Lager, Lobster

  9. I got love, lilac, and lobster. If that first one can also be something else, I'm totally missing it :P

  10. You are drinking a lager and I spy a lobster. I wish I had been here yesterday. King Cake ... great choice. You mean some people didn't believe it was a real thing. We eat so much King Cake in Louisiana right before Mardi gras that I can't eat it again for another year. But, then I scarf it down again. My kids never get too old to dig for the plastic baby. They get so excited when they find the baby in their piece. Fabulous theme. I hope you are having a wonderful vacation.


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