Monday 17 December 2012

Paris by Day in Pictures

Saturday I took the train to Paris and spent 7 hours in the city. I had two stops that I absolutely had to make, Notre Dame and Père Lachaise. After that, I spent the rest of the day power walking all over the city and racing to catch the metro. My hamstrings still hate me and I'm pretty sure I have shin splints. Love, love getting old. :P 

Walking out of the metro at 9 am to the beautiful morning rays coming up
behind Notre Dame Cathedral
Looking up the river Seine opposite Notre Dame. 

When I got to Notre Dame there was a huge temporary stage
set up to celebrate the cathedral's 850 year anniversary.  
I took this picture from the
stage seats in front of the cathedral.
Mini Alex Ninja Captain
Photo Bomb 1

A few shots inside the Gothic style cathedral and one of the many stain glass rosace.

See the café on the corner next to Notre Dame?
That was my next stop.
"Un café for me and mini ninja."

A noisette (cup of espresso with milk) at the café Aux Tours Notre Dame, cost me €3.40. At that price, not only did I drink the espresso, but I dumped the rest of my sugar in the milk and drank that too!

After coffee, I headed to l' Hôtel de Ville (City Hall).
Every year an ice rink is built in front of City Hall. 
This is them putting it in place right now, so unfortunately
I couldn't get any closer.
Holiday lights and decoration could be seen on many
buildings. Unfortunately, they didn't look like much
during the day.
Street shot
Street shot near centre Pompidou
Quick shot of the Centre Pompidou
Cemetery Père Lachaise
The tomb of Oscar Wilde
Tomb of Oscar Wilde
Père Lachaise
Père Lachaise
Street shot
Street shot

For Mark.

 Guinness Tavern on Rue des Lombards
Ninja photo bomb 2
And what do ya know?
Directly across the street from the Guinness Tavern is yet another Irish pub
 and a tattoo parlor. Wonder where they get all their clients from?
I would have gone in, but they were closed on Saturdays. :P

Band playing in the streets near the Louvre.

I didn't go into the Louvre, but I did manage this shot

by pressing my camera against the acrylic glass
walls that look down into the museum's 
entrance hall.

Louvre Pyramids in the Napoleon Courtyard at the 

Palais du Louvre

Exiting the Napoleon Courtyard and what do I see?

The Eiffel Tower! (:

Star Wars display in a fancy shop window on the rue Rivoli. 
Street shot
Very fancy English shirtmakers shop Hilditch & Key.
"Excuse me, is my room ready?"
Took a stroll in the Tuileries gardens next to the Louvre,
but it was a bit disappointing on a gloomy day in winter.
Um... am I allowed to be disappointed in Paris?
In the Tuileries gardens, every tree had these cloth
bags hanging from the branches and it's driving me
crazy not knowing what's in them or what
they are being used for. 

Place de la Concorde with Eiffel Tower in background.

♫ Cue French accordion music ♫

The Great Ferris Wheel on Place de la Concorde. 

Coming up out of the metro at Charles de Gaulle – Étoile to see

l'Arc de Triomphe.
Ninja photo bomb 3
The Sphere of Hell which doesn't look that bad at all.
And then I remembered, it was lunch time and everyone
was probably eating baguette sandwiches and drinking
wine, no doubt. (:
Yes, that does say Cartier on the building next door.
Les Champs-Elysées looking down towards Place de la Concorde.
Why am I standing in the middle of the famous boulevard you ask?
So I can bring you this uneventful photograph, of course.
Walkling along les Champs-Elysées.
Small neighborhood theater 

The basilica of the Sacré Coeur at Montmatre. 

Sorry wuff, this was the closest I could get to the artsy stuff. I just didn't have enough time. 
Street shot in Montmatre

And just a stones throw away from the Roman Catholic basilica,

is the sex district. Brilliant. (o_O)

It took me only a few minutes to walk from the foot of the
Sacre Coeur to the famous, Moulin Rouge.
Not what you had imagined, right?
Back on the metro for one final shot from the left bank before
heading to the train station. 
But I couldn't leave without taking a picture of my favorite museum,
the Musée d'Orsay.

Last shot of the Grand Ferris Wheel from the left bank.
And one last Ninja photo bomb

So, when are you coming over for a visit?


  1. Oh how I miss Paris...Great pictures!

  2. Hi Elise .. excellent and no wonder your ham strings are still shouting at you ... love the shots - especially the Nina ones ... can I wait til Spring please? Cheers - and hope you can let those strings creep back to normal without too much rushing around at home ... fun - thanks .. Hilary

  3. Great photos, Elise, love the Ninja ones.

  4. that shot is perfect for me, thx el :)

    no wonder your legs are sore... mine are, just from looking at your pics! :D

  5. Yeah! You took Ninja Alex along! I had to laugh at your sore legs. I had the same problem when visiting Paris.

  6. Ha! Loved that the ninja could make the trip with you! Alex is going to crack up when he sees these! So funny. Maybe someday I could come visit and you could be my tour guide, no?!!! Great pics.

  7. That Alex is everywhere. Also, Pompidou is a funny name.

    Moody Writing

  8. Oh my God! Mini Alex is a well-traveled Ninja.
    Amazing photos, Elise. You visited a lot of places.
    Mini Alex will be bored when he gets here. He won't look as impressive standing in the middle of a cotton field.

  9. OMgosh.... Elise, I think you are awesome :)

    Not only did the memories come flooding back...(I'm not sure if I ever drank in *that* Irish pub, but I *do* have a tatoo, so c'est la vie... maybe :)

    And seeing Mini-Alex along for the part-ay was Brilliant!!

    I laughed so hard my grass skirt fell off :)

    OH... I see a "Where's Mini-Alex" fest brewing.... you should ship him around the world BEFORE he ends up in the Carolina's...

    Think about it... I've got Hawaii... and you *know* UTAH will be covered... Maybe we could even get 50 people in 50 states to send you a picture....and then you write the post :)

    THAT would be awesome :)

  10. Elodie: It was great to be back in the city. Next time I'm just going to visit one or two places, take my time and eat lunch in a little bistro... (:

    Hilary: I think spring would be a much better time to visit the city too, but the holiday lights at night are really something to see.

    Sally: The ninja photo bombs still make me laugh. :D

    Lawolf: LOL (;

    T. Decker: Mina Ninja is a great traveler! :D

    Sabrina: OUI! Any one of my blogging friends are welcome and I'd love to be tour guide!

    Mood: I don't want to scare you, but look behind you... :P

    Alex: Mini Alex got shipped off today. You should expect him soon after the holidays...hopefully! And I'm sure he'll love the cotton fields...and the writers conferences.... (;

    Mark: That would have been AWESOME, but unfortunately he's already been shipped. But maybe if we're lucky, we'll get to see Mini Alex again soon. (:

    1. is that about $7 for the coffee?

      about what you'd pay at charbucks, this side of the pond...

      i refuse, so make my own at home... for a few cents :)

    2. Na, it's about 4 US dollars right now. Not sure about Canadian but I'm guessing it'd be similar. Still, it's expensive / oz of coffee. I basically paid for a view. (:

  11. Beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing them. One of the items in a pic is exactly how I pictured it in my current manuscript. :D

  12. i got to see paris! thank you for the tour! hope to get there myself some day. and the ninjas were a fun touch! yay alex!

  13. I visited Paris back in 1971, I think it was, and it was one of the highlights of my life. Your photos are excellent. You just can't see it all in a day.

  14. prancing video??? :)

    That city is amazing...and so are your pics!

  15. Fantastic photos - not sure about your Ninja dude? Is this your alter ego? As for your hams and shin splints - ice, gentle stretching and sensible, supportive shoes (plus lots of yummy chocolate after a warm bath and wrapped in a lovely thick bath robe by the fire).


  16. Jackie: Oh, now you've got me so intrigued! :D

    Tara: I hope you get to see Paris too, it is a beautiful place and a source of inspiration if you take the time to soak it all in. (:

    Richard: You're right, you can't see it all in one day, which is good because it gives me an excuse to go back. (; I wonder how much of the city has changed since the early 70's.

    DL: I'm gonna have to do that prancing video for you, aren't I!? But right now, no prancing, I'm more like's not pretty. :P

    Mark! The ninja dude is something I made for a blogging buddy that I'm sending his way. I blogged about it a few post back if you're interested. (: Anyway, I LOVE your advice...chocolate, warm bath, bath robe, fire...ahhh.... (^_^)

    1. There was no glass pyramid at the Louvre back then. I'm sure there are many other changes. But the high points are probably still the same.

  17. OH MY GOSH!

    I am dyyyyying. DYING, this is SO FUNNY. First, I'm thinking, "Wow, these pictures are gorgeous," but then when Captain Ninja jumped in there I was seriously LAUGHING... Too fun, Elise!

  18. When I can visit, trust me I'll be there. So jealous! Love the pictures and the ninja.

  19. FUN! Those pictures are amazing. Each and every single one. Thank you for sharing them. I have no choice but to live vicariously through you. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  20. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  21. Oh, you're making me miss Paris! I've been there twice for 2 short trips, and I've never seen the Alex ninja.

    A friend just got an extra studio apartment, so now I have to find a way for my husband and I to scrimp and save to return.

  22. That was fantastic, Ninja Alex DOES travel like the gnome in 'Amelie' (did you see that?).

    Absolutely loved your post. I want to go back to Paris, too, as others have said. You were in all the same places I visited, but I had much longer (a little over two weeks). I think you did a great job of capturing the highlights.

    PS - I loved the fact that one can walk all over Paris if one has that inclination. I hated the Metro, though. We stayed above ground.

  23. Oh my gosh, I so want to move now! Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures :) (and I thought my feet were going to fall off after Paris--so much walking, but it was worth it!)

  24. I love Paris! It's so awesome you got to take Ninja Alex with you, too. The Musee D'Orsay is my favorite, as well. Loved this post, Elise!

  25. I was only in Paris once, briefly, when I was in college (so, ahem, a very long time ago) but I remember a few of those scenes. What an amazing city-- thanks for sharing such great photos!

  26. Thanks for the photo tour of Paris, Elise. It looks amazing. I wish I could see it live.

    The mini-ninja is a great photo idea. I could see that thing going viral!

  27. Morgan: The Ninja Captain is EVERYWHERE! xD

    Sheena-kay: Glad you liked the pictures and when you get there, let me know, I'm a great tour guide! (:

    Emily: You're welcome, glad you enjoyed them. (:

    Sara: My pleasure! (^_^)

    Theresa: If you've got a place then start saving up your pennies! (: I never tire of going back to visit Paris, even in the cold rain. (;

    D.G. Hudson: I did see the movie (loved it) and it would be fun to see Ninja Alex traveling the world! :D I actually don't mind the metro. It's pretty easy to navigate and gets you just about everywhere. But you do miss some of the out of the way places while traveling underground.

    Meradeth: It really is worth it! (=

    Gwen: Yeah for Musee d'Orsay! :D

    Julie: You're welcome, it really was my pleasure! (:

    Michael: I hope you can visit Paris some day too. Just let me know and I'll be your tour guide and we can drink expensive coffee together. (:

  28. Oh how I would adore coming over to visit...sighs... Paris, such beautiful pictures.

  29. Great post Elise, and I'm envious! I love the "shush" street shot, and all of the Alexes pics. If you don't mind, I'll try and pin the street shot in Pinterest.

    - I posted the book last week.

  30. Thanks for sharing with us, Elise. :)

  31. Haha--don't tempt me with those invitations :) GREAT pics! I was in Paris many many moons ago, but it's on the list for a repeat visit one of these days. Elise, I went bold and tagged you in a blog hop: My Next Big Thing. It's meant to share info re our WIPs, connect with other writers, etc. Hope you'll join in--I'd love to find out more about your work--but there's no obligation whatsoever. Here's the link to my post: Bonne soir!

  32. Oh, I ADORE Paris!!! These pictures really bring back great memories. LOVE the Ninja photo bomber, LOL!

  33. I feel like I was there with you! I wish!!!! Loved the ninja bomb shots and the Oscar Wilde grave shot too. Brilliant. :)

  34. Nope. You're not allowed to be disappointed in Paris. :P

    Love the pictures, especially the ninja bombs! One of these days I'll visit.

  35. Gorgeous pictures, Elise! I really wanna vacation in Paris, France in the future to look at the beautiful sites! And if I do visit there, we could meet for coke! :)

    I love the Alex pics! I wanna sit with him! Save me a seat!

    Great post! :)

  36. ::SIGHS::

    No, my dear; one is not permitted to be disappointed in Paris.

    ::gnashes teeth in envy::

    LOL at all the ninja photo bombs! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  37. Summer: I hope you get the chance to visit someday! I had a great time even if it was only for a few hours. (:

    Nancy: Glad you enjoyed the pics and feel free to grab the hush pics or any if you like. (:

    Linda: You're welcome Linda! (:

    Guilie: Hi Guilie, glad you liked the pics and thanks for tagging me! (: I've already been tagged with this meme but I'm on my way over to your site and I'll give you a link. :D

    Laura: Mini ninja is SO photogenic, LOL! Glad you liked the pics. (:

    Mina B: I wish you were here too. Maybe you can come visit one of these days, there's still sooooo much to see.... (:

    Cherie: I hope you do get out here for a visit, that would be great!

    Livia: Thanks Livia. I'll save you a seat no problem! (;

    Mina L: I'd love it if you could come out for a visit. We could eat chocolate and drink wine in a little bistro and have a wonderful time visiting the city, even in the cold and drizzle. (;

  38. Those are some great photos, Elise. Paris really is a beautiful city. Oh, and I've also been to that cafe on the corner by Notre Dame... and I too have been overcharged for a small coffee!

  39. Paris looks very nice from your photos. Looks like a great trip. Glad Ninja Alex was along for the ride!
    Great pics and great fun.

  40. Oh, wow! I feel like I've been there now! Those are some lovely photographs, Elise. Thanks for sharing!

    The ninja bombs were by far the best. LOL

  41. Wow! Awesome photos! You really walked all over Paris. I went there for three days in 88, and loved it. I wish I could return for visit.
    Great ninja shots!

  42. Beautiful pictures Elise! I wish I could come visit now!! I didn't make it to Paris when I was over in Europe, unfortunately. I would love to go someday.

  43. Amazing pictures Elise! Mini-Ninja could be the next "Crasher Squirrel!" LOL

  44. Elise, thank you for the amazing tour! I felt like I walking with you and the mini Ninja! So fun...maybe him and the gnome can visit each other ;D
    Great photos!!! I enJOYed this tour...

  45. Love your pics! It looks like mini Alex is having a good time!

  46. N-O-O-O-O Elise!! Paris is Paris - come rain, shine, hail, sleet, snow or whatever other form of precipitation/weather... bottom line is that you are NOT ALLOWED to be disappointed in Paris!! LOL.
    The pics are awesome... loved the mini-Alex shots... too cute!

  47. Wow, beautiful Paris! The trip sounds amazing! It's really cool that you got to see Oscar Wilde's grave, for some reason I thought he was buried in England even though he died in France.

  48. Your pictures of Paris are breathtaking! I grew up in Perris California, which is NOTHING like your Paris. I wish I could have switched places. Love the mini-ninja!

  49. Viva la France!

    Musee de'Orsay is my fave museum too! I have a picture of me at Jim Morrison's grave in Pere Lachaise. :)

    Love the ninja! Hope you're having a lovely time. Wish I could join you for a cafe crem and croissant. Mmmmmm.........

  50. Stacey: That's awesome you've gotten a chance to visit! I guess we pay more for the view than what's in the coffee cup. (: Just wish I could have gotten some night shots, it's beautiful with all the holiday lights....maybe next time. (:

    Heather: Thanks Heather, it was a lot of fun, but next time I'd like to take my time and not rush so much. (:

    Melissa: The ninja bombs were so fun to take, you should have seen some of the looks I got when I pulled out Mini Alex to take his picture! xD

    Tyrean: Thanks, glad you enjoy the quick tour. Hopefully you'll be able to find the time to visit again!

    Jessica: I hope you can come for a visit, it would be wonderful to show you around! (:

    Maurice: LOL! The crasher Squirrel has competition! :P

    Ella: Thanks hon! I think Mini Ninja Alex and the traveling gnome are good friends. (;

    Sherry: Mini Alex is a great traveler. :D

    Michelle: I can't wait to see your pictures!!!! (=

    Jenna: Thanks Jenna! I really wanted to see Oscar Wilde's grave and glad I was able to find it. Next time I want to see Jim Morrison grave if it's still there!

    Jenn: Glad you liked the pictures, it was a great day despite the overcast grey day. (:

    Pk: Oh, cafe creme and croissant...that would be wonderful! (:

  51. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  52. I have visited a few times. What a great city! I am jealous. Enjoy every minute and every memory.

  53. Merci! The pics are great. My favorite in Pere Lachaise has to be Edith Piaf's. The reflection of the sky in it was amazing.

  54. These are amazing! Thank you for taking us on a tour.

  55. Gorgeous! I can see how these will inspire your writing!

  56. Randi: You're welcome, it was my pleasure! (:

    JJ: I'm glad this brought back some good memories, it is indeed a beautiful city. (:

    Rebecca: Avec plaisir! (: I would have loved to seen Edith Piaf's or even Jim Morrison's grave, I just didn't have the time...but heck, gives me another excuse to go back. (;

    Christine: You're welcome, glad you enjoyed them. (:

    Tia: It really does inspire! :D

  57. That looks absolutely lovely! I'll visit you anytime :)

  58. Thanks for the walk in Paris - it was very interesting. Did you ever find out what those bags were for? I'm curious too.

  59. JA Bennett: Would love to have you visit! :D

    Azara: Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Unfortunately I never did find out what the bags were. I tried to google the information but couldn't find anything. I think I'll have to ask a horticulturist or a pest management professional of some kind. If I ever find out what they are, I'll let you know! (:


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