Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back to School and Back to My Regularly Scheduled Life

Typical school bus sign in this region
It's  back to school today in France and I know a mother isn't supposed to be super thrilled to see her little devils angels off to school but.......I'm going to make an effort to be a little happy because I'm  going to miss hearing:

"Mommy he kicked me!"
"But I was playing with it!"
"No! It's MINE."
"Mommy! I did poo poo potty."
"Mommy, can I have a tent?"
"Give it back!"

And I'm going to miss saying:

"Stop running in the house."
"Stop jumping on the couch."
"Leave the dog alone."
"Don't hit your sister."
"Why did you kick your brother?"
"No, you can't eat chicken wings for breakfast."
"What did I just say?"
"Are you listening to me?"


Kidding aside, I must admit the kids and I had a great time this summer, especially during our trip to the States. However, these last few days before school have been a bit difficult. So yes, I did enjoy my stroll back home from the bus stop this morning. The calm and cool September air felt almost therapeutic. And now, it's still early and I get to sit at the computer, write, and enjoy tea while it's still hot.

Now don't get me wrong, when I pick up the kiddos for lunch I'm going to be thrilled and will bombard them with questions on how their morning went. But until then, I'm going to simply enjoy a slice of piece and quiet and get in some solid writing time.

Typical September walk to the
bus stop in the morning fog.

Typical French school bus.


  1. It's nice to have a little respite. Enjoy the hours to yourself as much as you enjoy the hours with the little angels.

  2. lighten up, ma... what's wrong with chicken wings for brekkie?

    if they're fed, they're happy!

    doesn't matter WHAT is eaten, it's food...

    'sides, they'll call you AWESOME for being a cool mom... try it, you'll see

    now, clean up that pizza plate and put the empty beer bottle[s] away! :P

  3. What you needed was an assistant to help you out over the holidays. What's the French word for au pair?

    Moody Writing

  4. Mmmmm hot tea in the morning. Sounds like you have lots of fun when the kids are home. Allow yourself to enjoy the calm. Cheers!

  5. All those things you say to your kids are sooo familiar. Change "dog" to "cat" and you have our house. :)

    Enjoy your silence. Part of me can't wait until my kids can go to school, part of me doesn't want them to grow up.

  6. Sally: Thanks Sally. I know time spent with my kids will be all the more sweeter now. (:

    lawolf: You're right, I'm waaaay too strict. And you better duck as I hurl the beer bottle at your head... my aim is excellent btw. :P

    Mood: The French word for au pair is au pair. (:
    And at times, I'd gladly take one.

    Clay: Thanks Clay, I think I will. (:

    Sara: I know the feeling. It was hard letting them go to school the first year...then, it gets easier especially if they love going to school. (:

    1. lol... ol wuffs is still fast... at ducking :P

      kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for when it comes to eating... if they get hungry later, they'll eat whatever you give em... having a few wings for breakfast earns YOU a lotta brownie points, something you can use for bargaining later ;)

      give and take, up to a point... main thing is, they eat!

    2. Agreed. And actually, eating protein in the morning when you're active, is better for ya than cereal and grain.

  7. I'm with you on this one! I let go of the guilt for being happy to see them back in school when I'm a better mom for having some "me" time. Uninterrupted writing time cannot be underestimated!

  8. I can imagine its definitely bitter sweet.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet!

  9. You're really making me want to move to France. I might even consider studying a course in French at uni. I already speak a little!

    Do you bring your kids home for lunch?

    I used to go home during primary school even though most other students stayed in school. I just likes home food more than crisps and a banana.

  10. I think going to school in France as a child and being an American at the same time could be so much fun. Your kids are going to be fascinating adults.

  11. Rose: Yes! I agree. A little time for Mom = Happy Mom = Better Mom. (:

    Kelley: Bitter sweet indeed. They had a ton of stuff to tell me at lunch, lol!

    Kamille: Yes, I do pick them up at noon. They eat lunch at home and then I bring them back. A lot of kids go home for lunch but I think next year they will eat at the brand new school cafeteria. And I think you'd have a great time in France!

    Michael: I sometimes fear that having an American mom at that age may be ostracizing. I hope not, but we all know how cruel kids can be sometimes... However, being bilingual will open a world of opportunities for them and I hope they'll use it wisely as adults.

  12. I didn't know kids couldn't eat chicken wings for breakfast. What about ice cream and Diet Coke???

  13. Hi Elise .. sounds as though you had a fun summer, regardless of all the kiddly hassles of normaly life .. but your walk back, and that September mistiness - still warm, yet dewy ... hope their return had joyful explosions of what they were doing in school ... Enjoy the Autumn terms .. cheers Hilary

  14. The joys of motherhood... when they're around then they get under your feet... when they're at school then the house seems extra quiet!

  15. Hilary: Both little ones had a super first day back at school. Looking forward to Autumn. (:

    Michelle: The house does seem extra quiet, but I think I'll get used to it. (:


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