Saturday, 23 June 2012

World Music Day and Summer Vacation

June 21st marks the beginning of the summer solstice, and what better way to celebrate than to dance to free music in the streets all night long?

World Music Day (La Fête de la Music) began in Paris, France in 1982 and since, over 30 countries have joined in on the celebration. Cities, town and villages block off downtown roads to traffic and allow music performers (professional and amateur) to set up in the streets. The celebration starts in the evenings after work. People will hit the local restaurants and pubs and afterwards pour into the streets to enjoy the street music.

For the past few years, I've made it a point to take my kids downtown for the celebration. We'll eat out and after dinner, walk down the streets dancing and listening to the various bands playing in the streets. It's really a lot of fun (despite the cold and rotten weather we've been having for the past month).

So there marks the first day of summer! I'd like to also leave you with this final picture that also marks the arrival of summer, a glowworm in my front yard. This makes me so happy. 

Also to let you know, I'll be leaving with my kids for 3 weeks tomorrow and headed for the States! We leave Paris and have a connection to make in Montreal so I'll be waving to all you folks in moose country. It's going to be a long travel day for us and I'm not looking forward to that part but hopefully everything will go smoothly and the kids will be whine free (a mom can dream can't she?). Now I still plan to do a bit of blogging and writing but it may be a bit more sporadic than normal. Anyway, I have a ton of fun things planned with my kids while visiting friends and Grand-Pa. I'm super excited to be in the States to celebrate the 4th but do you know what's at the top of my list? Catching lightning bugs of course! 

Have a good one everybody and I'll catch up with you soon.  (:


  1. I hope you have safe travel and a wonderful vacation!

  2. Have a great time with your family and friends. As to whining children - go with the flow (or take a supply of aspirins).

  3. You'll go from music in the streets to fireworks in the street. Have fun.

  4. S.P. Bowers: Thank you! (:

    Sally: Thanks Sally! I think I'm going to have to go with the box of aspirins lol!

    Richard: Yes! It'll be marvelous. I can't wait to set off fireworks with the kids and watch the sky light up.

  5. I loved Richard's take on your vacation. Have a beautiful time with your children. When you look back on this trip, even the rough spots will have splashes of beauty and love to them. Stay safe. I will miss you, Roland

  6. Have a great trip! And World Music Day sounds like it was great fun.

  7. Roland: Thank you Roland it's going to be a great trip! (:

    Nick: Thanks Nick! (:

  8. World Music Day your side of the globe sounds awesome!!! I can just imagine the street bash - DEFINITELY my idea of fun!
    Hope you had a safe journey! Enjoy the holiday!


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