Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Is Your Blog Title LAME?

                                                                       I know mine is.
                                             What about your post titles?

I noticed the importance of a good blog title during the A-Z Challenge. In the beginning, I'd go down the massive list of participants one by one, but was easily distracted by other titles more interesting. Some were funny and outlandish while others were very intriguing. Even blog titles written in all CAPS lured me to their sites. Unfortunately, blogs named after someone I don't know simply didn't grab my attention (nevertheless I did visit many and glad I did). That's when I started thinking about my own blog title: Elise Fallson. Not funny, intriguing or entertaining. It's not even a cool name, so why the heck would anyone want to click on my blog based on name alone? I'm not Stephen King, Anne Rice, or any other published author for that matter and have zero name recognition. You know nothing about my blog or what I do based on the name alone. Maybe what I should do is add a subtitle after the name, something that would give a little insight to what the heck I do over here. Something that's also catchy like:

                             Elise Fallson: Writings of a Left-Handed Monkey

                                 Elise Fallson: Will Work for Publication

                                          Elise Fallson: Naked Writing

                                Elise Fallson: [Insert your suggestion here]

                                                         Maybe I should put it to a vote?! :P

Note: Please do not get offended if your blog title is simply your name. My criticism is directed at MY blog alone. I've visited many blogs titled after someones name and they've all been much cooler sounding than mine. *tiny violins start playing

So I think for someone like me, being just another name on a forever growing list of aspiring writers, I need a title hook. If you have any suggestions let me know! (: 

The same goes for post titles. I'm following well over 200 blogs right now it's a bit overwhelming. And as time goes on this list will grow but time dedicate to reading posts will not. Therefore, a catchy or intriguing post title WITH a picture becomes more important as I scan my selections in blogger. Not only do post titles have to grab my attention, but being the visually oriented creature that I am, I'll need pretty pictures too. Don't look at me like that! I'm just being honest. (though none of this of course applies to the few blogs I check daily). 

So what do you think, are blog titles that important to you? What about post titles? What are some of your favorite blog titles you've come across? 


  1. Kristen Lamb says your name has to be in the title. I've recently stopped listening to anything she says, so I say go for whatever appeals to you. I love a lot of blogs without the blogger's name in the title. I've learned who's blog is whose because I recognize the title. I'm a smart girl, like most bloggers. I don't need hand holding. :)

    I'm with you, titles and pictures are what grabs my attention. They increase the chance I'll read the post.

  2. I don't think that it's lame. You have 116 GFC friends who follow your blog, which means that they enjoy your blog posts. A blog title is personal preference...

  3. Blog titles aren't all that important to me. There have been a few that made me go, "I wish I'd thought of that!" because they're very clever but mostly, I'm with Stina. Go with whatever appeals to you.

  4. I've heard it said that titles should actually be the person's name. That way, any agents, publishers or other important parties that happen upon your blog will know who you are straight away. Actually, that comes from Laura B, who's a marketing guru. But ultimately, I don't think it matters. Just go with what you like, it's your blog after all. Anyway, I think your name is cool! Sounds European, which is appropriate.

    I don't really like my title - I came up with it after scanning the dictionary, but Michelle Pickett included it in a post which was a list of cool blog titles she found during A-Z, so hey, I'll stick with it!

  5. I like a good blog/post title as much as the next blogger. But, that's not what keeps me coming back. Just like a good book; the writing makes all the difference.

    As for your title choices; I'm particularly fond of: Elise Fallson: Will Work for Publication. Mostly because it made me laugh out loud.

    1. What? You didn't like the Writings of a Left-Handed Monkey? I'm shocked. *wink, wink* But I'm glad you liked the other, it made me chuckle too. (:

  6. Stina: " I'm a smart girl, like most bloggers. I don't need hand holding." Love it! I'll try to think of something good. Thanks for stopping in. (:

    Michelle: okay, I love your blog title! And as for the GFC thing, first I love having followers, I never thought I'd have so many when I started this blog back in Feb. But I don't think the # of followers is a good representation of people who actually read/follow posts on a regular basis.

    M.J. Fifield: I'd like to just go with what appeals to me but the problem is that I'd end up changing the title every other week! (:

    Nick: I've heard that too (name in title bit), but I wonder how to make it stand out in a sea of people's names. Once you have name recognition then it's not a problem. I actually like your blog name, and it gives me a glimpse into your personality and what your blog is about by your title, which I think is a good thing. In a long list of blog names, yours would definitely be on that catch my attention.

  7. When I see a blog title (like in the AZ list) I'm looking for an indication they are writers, because that's my only interest. The point is who are you hoping to attract here? If it's writers, just having 'Writer' after your name is enough. If you want to have a broader appeal, then maybe 'Writer, Part-time Muffic Baker' or whatever. If you want everyone who's cool and will be your best friend forever, well, if I knew I'd tell you.

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  8. I think your name Elise is very pretty sounding.

    How about 'Elise - the bug lady with words on a wing -

    OK I'm tired today, sorry.

  9. A lot of people use their names on the blog because, as authors we are the product being marketed. I like the idea of name then subtitle. (that's probably obvious since that's what I do on my blog) I'm not good with post titles though, and I'm really bad at using pictures. I need to be less afraid of trying to make pictures work.

  10. "Elise Fallson: Naked Writing" is definitely the way to go because, as we all know, sex sells. Plus, there's a nifty dual meaning, which is less sexy and more "deep-thoughts"-ish, which appeals to me. (I heart double entendre.) :-)

    But as other folks noted, you should absolutely go with what feels right to you and how you want to initially strike first-time visitors to your blog. I first popped 'round because you were on the A to Z linky list. I keep coming back 'cause I dig your style. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  11. Well Naked Writing would probably get you traffic lol :D
    I think like the name is not a bad thing at all, whatever makes you feel more comfortable...I don´t comment all the time but I read your blog regularly :D

  12. Yeah, it's a tricky one. I called mine "Spellmaking" on a random whim a few years ago, and more than once I've wished I'd at least put my name in there somewhere. I think just your name works well if that's any help.

  13. If you're an aspiring writer, you want your blog name to be JUST your name. That way it's google-able and comes up in search engine results for when readers are looking for you.

  14. So, I was thinking :

    Elise Fallson - Writing Naked.

    Now that would get you some hits. Probably the wrong kind of audience, but as Mina says; Sex Sells!



  15. Mood: Who am I trying to attract...that is the question. Writers for one, but also all the cool kids, and the geeks and nerds and the outcasts, and....well, the list is long. But yeah, mostly writers. So I guess I should go with Elise Fallson: Writer. (But that's still so boring) (;

    Sally: LOL! More like: Elise- just winging it. (;

    S.P. Bowers: I like the name plus subtitle too. I think I'm going to go somewhere along those lines, I just have to think of something that fits, which may take a while. (:

    Mina: Thanks Mina, you rock! I do like the double meaning in Naked Writing as well, but I'm afraid too many would never get past the naked part...but I would get more hits, that's for sure lol!

    Elodie: Thank you! That totally made my day. (:

    Simon: Thanks Simon, it does. I just wish my name was more exciting....And I like "Spellmaking."

    Michael: But JUST my name is so least to me, that and I don't have readers, haven't published anything...yet. (:

    Wayne: LOL! Great idea! Only one problem, I wouldn't want to false advertise lol! This is going to take some time to figure out.

  16. You could use: Elise Fallson ~ The Naked Writer
    ROFL!!! xD
    How about something like: Elise Fallson ~ Writer, Reader, Bug Enthusiast
    Okay... That's not exactly what I had in mind, but you get the idea. What are you? Art lover? Reader? Homebody? Traveler? Think of a few things that describe you and go for it! :)

  17. I think a catchy title is great, but I also think your name should be a part of it. Those are some pretty good ideas you already have.

  18. Melissa: The Naked Writer seems to be very popular! LOL. And I think you're right, I need a few descriptors after the to choose which ones... (:

    Richard: Thanks Richard, now to pick the right one. This may take a while... (:

  19. PS: I agree with Richard--your name should be part of it. I meant to add that to mine, but thought of it after I posted the comment.

  20. I know what you mean. When I chose mine, I stuck with something simple - who I am and what I like. I think in terms of having your posts picked up by readers, you must MUST have a catchy post headline. That draws people in and then smack em in the face with the post content. Check out this article:

    I follow this guy and love his insight into reaching and connecting with your target market etc...

    Great post.

  21. Melissa: Thanks, I agree with you too.

    Mina: Thanks for the link, that article is really good and I'll be lurking around that site from now on. (;

  22. I haven't read your replies, so I may repeat what someone else said, but I love post titles that are funny but not misleading. Or at least not completely misleading. I like to know, within reason, what I'm planning to take the time to read.

    Blog depends if you're a blogger, a writer, or something else. If you just blog then knock yourself out and call your blog something memorable. But if you're a writer, I believe in using your name only. I actually prefer to click on blogs with an author's name before one without. To me, it shows that not only do you understand branding and the business, but you're far enough along in the business to know that people aren't going to remember or know to look up a snazzy name when they Google you. I LOVE my tag (I Write Dead Bodies), but I want people to remember my name and that Jennifer Fischetto writes dead bodies. :)

  23. nothing wrong with using your own name... easily found online - what more do you need to add except 'writer'?

    so, your name and what you're interested in... perfect!

    i like [most] critters, and want folk to think [a bit] about things i post [none of my own, lately, other than bitching about stupid things people say]... hence my blog name is a combination of those things, if a bit punny...

    works for me....

  24. Jennifer: Just using your name makes sense but to me doesn't grab the attention it should. You at least have the cool I Write Dead Bodies tag and that grabs the attention and gives a lot of valuable information to the reader. I love it! I guess I could go with Elise Fallson - I Write Dead Bugs...but somehow that doesn't have the same ring to it... (;

    laughingwolf: Elise Fallson - Writer. Simple enough, but I cringe when I see it in writing. I know I'm a writer but I feel as if I'm not allowed to use that title until I actually get something published. So that leaves me with Elise Fallson-Aspiring Writer, and well that just sounds like I'm NEVER going to get there.... And who is going to google me if I've never published anything anyway? You have a fun blog title and it stuck in my mind when I first came across your site. If it had been something like John Q Public...well, it would have been less memorable. Actually, that's not a good example because I would have remembered that one, but you get the idea, right? (:

  25. What about something in French following your name? Just a thought...

    1. That's a good idea Melissa, but it would have to be something rather simple that most people could understand...*twirls invisible handle bar mustache*

  26. Another vote for "Elise Fallson - Naked Witing" ... You just know that would bring in the hits!

  27. I love Elise Fallson: Will Work for Publication. It cracked me up. That's my vote. :D

  28. Now that I think about it my blog title is lame city too ... I think using your name and then saying something funny or memorable with it is the way to go ... Now if only this old dream factory of mine could think of something half decent!!

  29. D.S taylor: Naked writing seems to get the most votes! LOL! And a subtitle seems the best way to go. It satisfies the purists but also gives leeway for the creative types.

    Julia: I like Will Work for Publication too. Maybe I could combine Naked Writing and Will Work for Publication....hummm maybe not. :D


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