Sunday 24 June 2012

Savory Sunday: Food at 38,000 feet not savory.

This is what I was served on the plane back in May. Today, I'm traveling again and not expecting any better. Can you even guess what this is? It looks like a microwaved, regurgitated Krabby Patty. But, since it cost me an arm and a leg (holy cliché Batman) I was damned if I wasn't going to eat it. And with enough salt and cheep wine it eventually got digested. Belch.

Anyway, I'll be sure to have have a better SS post for you next week, so until then, be grateful you're not eating this ^^.    


  1. I was going to ask whether that is edible, but since you're alive to tell the tale, ... LOL!
    And do you know what the image of a "regurgitated Krabby Patty" did to my insides? You don't want to know... LOL!

  2. Clearly that's rice, broccoli and fresh brains. Zombie Airlines?

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  3. Looks like a $1 T.V. Dinner special. The airlines have to make their money somewhere, cuz the flight fee and baggage fees are not enough! Yuck! It really doesn't look edible.

  4. That nearly resembles the frozen dinner awaiting my attention tonight. Although I think your entree had more to it than mine. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  5. under what pretext do they call that 'food'? :(

  6. That is questionable looking! Hope your flight went better :)

  7. That looks interesting...Yes, interesting ! lol

    Have fun during your vacation in the States! Should be awesome !

  8. That meal looks disgusting. I bet the save the good stuff for the first class people.

  9. Thanks everyone! The first part of the flight went well the second part no so much. I'm sorry to report that there have been no improvements in airline food or baggage handling (read: I'm still waiting for my luggage *pulls out United Airlines Voodoo doll*).

  10. You should have stuffed a loaf of bread in your bad and a hunk of cheese. At least that way, the cheap wine would have been edible. LOL!

  11. Food on planes is pretty plain. And if they don't rip you off on board the plane, they'll certainly dig into your pockets at the airport if you decide to eat there. I'm not much of a air travel fan.

    Wrote By Rote

  12. Mina: If I could have gotten it past security I certainly would have! (;

    Arlee: I've traveled a lot over the years and I find the service, especially air travel to have gotten worse over the years. Ticket prices have skyrocketed and the service has gone down the drain. I used to love flying, now it's just dreadful.

  13. Yuck. Definitely less than savoury. And the portions are usually really miniature sized - less yuck to deal with, but you're left hungry on a long flight! Well, hopefully your holiday has only improved from that point.

  14. Even though the broccoli is recognizable it looks very over cooked. I think I would have only eaten the rice and the bread roll. I have heard a few stories about lost luggage from friends recently.
    My poor folks had an interesting experience on their last domestic flight. Their luggage turned up on a carousel at the opposite end of the airport than the rest of the occupants on the plane. Two lonely bags going around and around with no one there to claim them!!!

  15. you should see the stuff Ryanair try to serve you

  16. you should see the stuff Ryanair try to serve you

  17. Regurgitated Krabby Patty? Haha You crack me up. Where were you traveling to? I love planes but don't enjoy the food. It makes me sick... Ugh!

  18. Welcome back! I hope your flight was good. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family. Have a great 4th. :)

  19. Nick: At least they serve drinks on board! Luckily, things have gotten much better! (:

    C.M Brown: I have the worst luck with luggage. I think from now on, after getting off the plane I'm just going to go directly to the lost baggage office to save time.

    D.S Taylor: I can only imagine...and I have a big imagination. Yuck. (;

    Julia: I was in the DC area and am now in NC. Loving the southern BBQ... (:

    Jessica: It's great to be back! I can't wait till the 4th!!!!!!!

  20. I'll never be able to watch Spongebob without thinking of this post again. Thanks. *wink* That food looks better than the stuff I was served during my basic training, but not by much.


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