Thursday, 5 January 2017

My Belated IWSG, Wonder Woman, Resolutions, and Congratulations Post

Insecurity getting you down?

There's only one answer to that :


I’m a day late for my IWSG post, and I apologize. Got back from the holidays, which I spent most of it sick in bed, but I’m now, finally, feeling better. This is the second year in a row I’ve spent the holidays with the flu. I think this is my body telling me I’m allergic to holiday cheer. Makes sense. :P

Anyway, I’d like to take this moment to congratulate the winners of the IWSG Anthology contest, BRAVO!! But also congratulate everyone who submitted and who is part of the IWSG Anthology book. It’s not always easy putting ourselves out there so bravo to all of you as well.

January marks the beginning of a new year (duh) and this year I’d like to do something different. In the past I’ve kinda turned my nose to the idea of making a New Years resolution, because lets face it, most of them fizzle out by spring and you end up feeling like crap by the end of the year because, you didn’t accomplish what you set out to do…. But now, I’m thinking that might not be the best way to look at it, because for those who do make new years resolutions, at least, for a few days, weeks, months, they’re setting goals, and doing their best to achieve them, which is far better than not setting any goals at all. So, I’m ignoring my grumpy-ass self, and have decided to make a new years resolution …. Actually, I’ve made a whole page of resolutions (I figured the more I make, the greater the chance I accomplish at least one or two by the end of the year! Ha, see I’m using the ole noodle….:P )

One of my New Years resolutions is to set monthly writing goals. And I’m starting today. My goals for January are to one, post regularly to my blog and two, find a home for my short story. Last year, I wrote a short for an anthology that never made it off the ground, so instead of sitting on it, I’m going to see if I can get it published some where online, find a home for it, if you will. That means, I’m actually going to have to submit my story! EEEEEKKKKK!!! *paper bag, deep breath.

We’ll see what kind of progress I can make by February. *crossing fingers and toes

Ok, that’s I for me today. Hope every one had a great holiday and a wonderful New Year and congratulations again for all you winners of the IWSG contest!!!!!! 



  1. Go for it, Elise! I find that even if I don't fully achieve my goals, I usually accomplish something along the way. :)

  2. Good luck submitting away and posting regularly, score one for your bay.

  3. I don't usually do this either, but I too made a list of goals this year and tacked them to the wall. I also have an accountability buddy to check up on me and leave me excuse free.

    You should totally submit that story somewhere!! I'm cheering for you. ^_^ I heard from someone the other day that our brains work at a higher compacity when we're working towards a goal. So our brains like to help us out!

  4. I usually cheat with my New Years resolutions and make at least one super easy one (one year, it was 'eat more donuts') just so I could be guaranteed at least one completed goal in December. I didn't do that this year, though, and I'm guessing that by spring, I'll wish I had.

    Best of luck to you with your goals!

  5. Hey Elise! You need to send that story out somewhere. We all worked hard on those and they deserve homes.
    Sorry you were sick again for the holidays.

  6. Ah boo on being sick. I hope you all better--or close to better now. I like the idea of setting monthly goals.

  7. I plan to go submitting to magazines this year as well. I got my first paycheck that way submitting poetry locally to Bookends Magazine. Go for it Elise and Happy New Year.

  8. Glad you're feeling better, Elise.

    Good luck with getting your short story published. I see a lot of listings for publications seeking submissions on Shannon's Warrior Muse blog.

  9. Hi Elise - the bugs seem to catch us don't they ... hope you feel completely better soon - and go for those stories - good luck there too - then Happy New Year and see you here again soon! Cheers Hilary ...

  10. There are so many markets now for short stories. Shannon Lawrence always lists a bunch of them in her weekly posts.

  11. Good luck in finding a home for your short.
    I agree that setting goals is better than not setting them, the trick is creating attainable goals that you can accomplish- even super small goals can make a huge impact on your daily attitude and view.
    I am also making the effort to blog more and take time out to go check out other blogs I enjoy but haven't commented on much- connecting to others in a more meaningful way.

  12. Happy New Year, Elise!

    I don't really set goals.
    But after doing CampNaNo for the very first time last year July - and winning - I've discovered that it suits me. Part of CampNaNo falls within our 3 week mid-year holiday. Plus it's winter...perfect time of the year. A win-win situation.
    So that's my goal - to do CampNaNo again this year.
    As a very fast reader, I never seem to struggle with reading goals. But I've pledged 25 books over at Goodreads this year, as opposed to the 50 book goal I pledged last year. I need to give more time to the writing.

    You should find a home for that short story. Good luck!

  13. Man flu is a swine - but so glad you survived it ;) As for the resolution thing? Hell, why not, it's a great kick up the butt and motivator, so may the blessed Gods smile down upon thee, dearest Elise.

    As for selling your story - GO FOR IT! About bloody time!

    And a fantastically (though belated) HAPPY NEW YEAR - bear hugs xx

  14. sickness sucks. Glad you're recovering and good luck with your goals. I actually made a few myself this year, contrary to form.

  15. That's sounds like a really great idea! I look forward to you reporting on the status of your short story submissions. :)

  16. All our family and friends passed around a cold and flu this holiday. I still have a box of kleenex always on hand. My local writing group sets monthly goals and it keeps us on our toes. Good luck with yours.

  17. Happy New Year and good luck with reaching your futuristic writing goals. I bet you've got a compelling ending worked out which will catapult you onto the next best seller list!


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