Saturday 21 June 2014

Silent Sunday: Garden Colors and a Handful of Kittens

Bombyliidae (Bee Fly). 
This is the first time I've seen them in my garden--Yeah!
Bee Flies are a large group within the Dipteran order, some being 
important pollinators. Most Bee Flies can be seen on or hovering around flowers. 
Adults mainly feed on nectar and pollen.  Many look like bumblebees with a long humming 
bird like proboscis.

Le bleuet de France: symbol in France of memory and solidarity
for veterans and victims of war, much like the remembrance poppy

This is a real bumblebee in the genus, Bombus. :)



Comet and Galaxy (aka: Coon and Stache ;)  ) 

Happy Sunday! 


*All of these are pictures I took with my camera. You are welcome to use any of them, all I ask is you give me credit for the it. That's all. :) 

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