Monday 9 September 2013

I'm on the move: An A-Z Interview

Hey there!

I'm being interviewed by the Ninja Captain (aka Alex Cavanaugh) over at the A-Z Challenge blogsite today. We're talking about those crazy and loony _ologies, and there may or may not be any mention of buttology... (;  


  1. Thanks again for doing the interview!

  2. Buttology, same as rumpology? haha

  3. I just read the interview! How fun!! I really enjoyed your posts this year! I'm just sorry I couldn't read every one :) Just wow! :D


  4. Anyone who can come up with that A to Z and then write a whole post full of awful puns on rumpology. . . has to be followed by me!

  5. I am so glad you did the interview. Congrats!

  6. Suh-weetology :)

    I'm meandering along the byways of the internet highways to check it out ;)

  7. Yes you were there, Elise and a mighty fine interview. In a moment of weakness, I the official anti- A to Z spokesman and ironically, mascot, left one of my much loved comments. Such an interesting um "analogy"! :)

    Hey Mazza, where you at? Got your wooden shoes, yet?

    Gary :)

  8. Hi Elise .. I've been on over ... and here's no - "nonology" that I know of .. your interview and discussion with the Nina are great fun to read .. cheers Hilary

  9. Hopping over to read the interview now :D


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