Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Getting Hit With Hearts

In French, 'coup de coeur' loosely translates to falling in love with something on the spot. You can have a 'coup de coeur' for all kinds of things from fashion to movies, trinkets, or even a place you've visited. Though I've mainly heard it used in reference to a special something, it can be used when referring to a special someone. Literally, 'coup de coeur' means getting hit with heart. Ah, the French--so poetic. 

Anyway, the reason I'm going on about this is because yesterday I went into a local bookstore just to buy postcards (yeah, that didn't go over so well) and, I noticed something different . . . 

Stuck to various book covers were pink, heart-shaped sticky notes. On them was a brief, hand written description about the book. Sacré bleu! The books were hit with hearts! Actually, it was the bookstore's way of saying, this book is our 'coup de coeur', or in this case you could translate it to something like, 'our top picks.' 

Now I've seen other bookstores use similar methods to get people to give a book a try, like wrapping the cover in brown paper and writing a few inticing words on the front to hook a reader. However, this was the first time I'd seen the heart-shaped sticky notes used in France and I thought it was pretty cute. It's a simple idea, one that's been used before, and you know what? It worked on me. 

I'm so weak.
I noticed one of their books hit with a 'coup de coeur' sticker. I picked it up, read the micro-review and bought the book. I know. I'm so weak. I've been a recovering bookbuyingaholic for months and now I've relapsed all because of a heart-shaped sticker! 

It seems my 'to be read' list isn't ridiculously long already thus the need to buy another book, and in French to boot *deep breath* which only means it'll take me twice as long to read the damn thing. *shakes head in shame--then opens book*

This was the graphic novel section. It didn't look like it got hit
with any hearts. ): I may have to go back and descretly
slap some heart-shaped stickers on a few. ;)


Oh, no. Not them again--les coups de coeurs.

Have you guys seen this too? Any other techniques you've noticed bookstores using to entice its customers? Would this method work to get you to buy?


  1. What a lovely idea. I've seen the big coloured star shaped stickers on many things but never a heart! I would certainly look again with a heart.

  2. Cute idea. It's been a long time since I was in a bookstore, so don't remember seeing anything like that. And yes, go back and show those graphic novels some love.

  3. What a good idea- leaving personal recommendations like that!

  4. First I've ever seen that. Neat idea, but no love for the graphic ones? Geez, you have to correct that.

  5. I'm a bookaholic, too, but my recov- What's that? :P

    I love this post! I learned something new. :)
    *grabs a handful of heart-shaped candies* Duck!

  6. I've always loved that phrase too. Coup de Coeur...what's not to like! And I think I'd be equally susceptible in the face of a bunch of coup de Coeur books!

  7. Such a sweet idea. Books deserve some love.

  8. Vive le Coup de Coeur and long live the dudes that don't mind writing snap reviews on pink, sticky hearts :)

  9. I totally love that phrase! Now if only I could pronounce it :) Great sales idea, too--I would have definitely picked up a few!

  10. I've never seen that - how fun!

    When in the store, I usually wander over to the Booksellers Recommend shelf to see what the bookstore employees are into.

  11. Sally: Hi Sally. (: I thought this was a good idea too. Book stores are going to have to think of new ways to get people in their stores and buying again.

    Alex: You should wander into a book store one of these days, take some pictures, they are a dying breed. (:

    Melanie: I think more stores should do that.

    Pat: Yeah, I'm on it!

    Melissa: *doesn't duck, opens mouth* Yummy! Ok, now it's my turn. *winds up throwing arm* ;)

    Johanna: I agree, it's a lovely phrase. And I have a feeling we're not the only ones to fall under the charms of some coup de coeur books. (:

    Sheena-kay: Indeed! <3

    Mark: Maybe they should get manly blue hearts for them... :P

    Meradeth: Call me and I'll voice it for you! (;

    Madeline: Hi Madeline, well I’d say that’d work too, though I think with the stickers, you're more inclined to wander all over the store. (:

  12. That is awesome! I actually don't get out much, and try to stay away from book stores because I NEVER LEAVE. Seriously though, if I walked into a store with little sticky notes like that, I'd have to pick up pretty much every one and read it. Ack! I'd be trapped, permanently! ;)

  13. Hi Elise .. what a brilliant idea - and so much better than 'top picks' ... just love the French way of doing things ... I too would be seduced to buy - but I always am buying books - can never seem to stop ...

    Enjoy Merlin or whichever book you bought .. and here's to improving your French! Cheers Hilary

  14. Cute idea. Yeah, my pile of books in the corner and on my Nook keeps growing.

  15. That is so cute!!! I haven't seem anything like this, but I'd love too.

  16. Very cool idea. I think more bookstores should do little things like this and help differentiate them more from the online outlets.

    It's going to be those 'little touches' that decides whether brick and mortar stores stick around, or not.

  17. smack you inna head = coup de gras!

    put a goofy heart on ANY book, i'll pass over it :(

  18. Je l'adore! I've never seen this. I've seen special sections of top picks and things like that. Nowadays, I usually know what I want before going into a bookstore. But I did end up with a handful a couple of months ago because they were clearance hardbacks!! I had to put a couple back. :( Ran out of money. Lol!

  19. I've never seen anything cute like that in my local bookstore. It's such a fun idea. Stay strong with your reading list :)

  20. I love the idea of being hit with hearts. I also like that instead of pulling their favorite picks to a separate place they left them in the store to be discovered while browsing. Sigh. I need a bookstore like that.

  21. Hey Elise,

    Bonjour n'stuff! I never noticed any such thing in any of the British bookshops I have visited. Although I did see a bunch of weird old dudes looking at some books that were covered in brown paper wrapping. It certainly enticed me to buy a book in a brown paper wrapping. I'm waiting for a delivery through the post...

    I reckon my highly cherished comment should have a sticky heart placed on it :) Or some used chewing gum.

    I'm outta' here....

    Gary :)

  22. The problem with this technique is that it works better the less you do it. Too many hearts and it's the same as not having any, I would think.


  23. I suppose it adds a little extra push for a book. Someone there read it and liked it.

  24. Your blog was my coup d' coeurs at first sight. What a neat idea, and I can't even imagine trying to read a book in another language!

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  25. Never saw anything like this in our book stores. I love it. :-D

  26. Love the idea. Though our small book shops don't have this as yet.


  27. I've seen small bookstores put names on books before of employee's like "Mike's favorite" . It's kind of fun to see what employees are reading and see what flavor of books are being selected. Great idea with the hearts.

  28. Crystal: LOL! The hearts do have a strange and very strong power over us. I was supposed to buy JUST postcards, a 5 minute, in and out mission. I ended up leaving an hour later and 45 Euros at the counter. :D

    Hilary: You guessed it! I hope it's a good read, like the heart suggested. And if I do get through that book, I should like to think my French would have improved greatly. :)

    Mary: It's never ending. For ever book I finish, I've added 10.

    Jenn: I think more bookstores should try this. If anything, it certainly wouldn't hurt business. (:

    Mark: Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. (:

    Lawolf: Coup de tête, oui?! Whatca got against heart stickers? Nothing. I'm sure you secretly have heart stickers in all your books. (;

    Krystal: A clearance hardbacks section! Oh my. I would have dropped a lot of money on that as well and then, I'd have to watch as my credit card exploded. Happy reading!

    JEO: Thanks, I'm gonna need the encouragement and support to get through my list... (:

    Sara: Maybe we should go to these non-sticker bookstores and secretly hit some of their books with hearts. Maybe they'll start doing the same thing afterwards or...have us escorted out the door. :D

    Gary! You commented on my humble blog post. I am honor...I mean honoured. Here is your sticky heart-shaped sticker <3. (: And I hope you enjoy your mysterious brown covered book! (:

    Moody: Agreed. In French there's a saying, 'Too much of a good thing (or anything for that matter), kills the good thing.'

    Richard: Hi Richard. That's what I like about this, the added personal touch. I hope they keep doing it.

    Mike: Aww, now you're making me blush. Interesting fact: My French reading comprehension increases after a glass of wine. (;

    Misha: Me too. (:

    Romance Reader: Our bookstore just started doing this so maybe you're will too in the near future. (:

    Julie: That's a cute idea too, but I especially like the added comment about the book that makes it sound like that person really did read the book. The hearts are a nice touch. <3

  29. Yay for book love! It's an awesome concept.

  30. I've never seen this. And I don't see many bookstores anymore either. This idea is a nice marketing strategy and just the sort of thing that might keep book buyers coming to bookstores rather than buying online. Innovative marketing is what it will take to keep bookstores alive. Hopefully.

    Tossing It Out

  31. That is such cute idea! I've never seen a store put handwritten notes on books.

  32. I love this idea, but it would put me into book-buying shock in a bookstore. I wouldn't know what to do with myself with all that book love. ;-)

  33. This is a great idea - and it being pink too to support cancer research, right? Maybe?

    We've all got our weaknesses! At least yours is a healthy one. :) Writer’s Mark

  34. Michelle: I thought so too! (:

    Arlee: I agree. If the smaller bookstores want to stay alive in this electronic age, then they are going to have to innovate and little things like this can go a long way--it's cheap and effective.

    Auden: Hi Auden, thanks for stoppin in. I'd love to see more bookstores do this kind of thing, it's so simple and I think pretty effective too. (:

    Tia: I know exactly what you mean! :D

    Nancy: Thanks Nancy. I think many of us would succumb to the power of these kinds of stickers. (:

  35. Hey again Elise, in tomorrow's (9/2) post, I'm nominating you for an award. :) Writer’s Mark

  36. That is so neat! What a fun way to show the staff's top picks. I've seen shelves dedicated to the staff's top picks, but nothing as creative as that. Have a great week!

  37. Cute idea! I hope your next post is about the day you hit the graphic novels section with some little pink hearts of your own! (With pics!) ;-)

  38. nope... NO kinda stickers in my books... ALL good ones are sacred, bad ones [yes, there are some] become part of landfill.... :(

  39. What a great idea! I have nothing like that around me, just Amazon reviews to guide my way, lol (and they really don't help--I think I've been refunded for four ebooks within the last six weeks!) Tre cool, Elise!!!


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