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Félicite Found by Julia King

Julia King is here today to talk about her novel, Félicité Found! WOOT! I'm excited about her book in part because it takes place in Paris, France and I actually lived there for a few years. Anyway, enough of me bla-bla-blaing, Julia is here to introduce some of her main characters from her book. And, don't forget to check out her giveaway at the bottom for a chance to win a free copy! (:



Character Introductions


1. Role in Book
2. Physical Appearance
3. Personality/Attributes
4. What they want most out of life
5. What their favorite food is/would be
6. Favorite outfit

Félicité Moreau

1. Female main character

2. Petite girl with long blond hair and aqua blue eyes glittered with diamond-like flecks around the edges. Pretty much she will stop you dead in your tracks by her gorgeous looks

3. Amnesiac. She is conflicted, torn, a bit mysterious but tender and loving, especially with Pierre.

4. To remember who she is and keep Pierre in her life (there’s more to this but you’ll have to read it to find out more)

5. Apple Pie or a Big Mac, maybe…

6. A pretty dress

Pierre Rousseaux

1. Male main character

2. Tall, dark and handsome fits the bill. Ok, let’s just admit it, he’s a brown haired hottie!

3. He has probably the IQ of Einstein. He’s humble to the bone and pretty reserved with his emotions, guarded would be a good adjective (read the book to find out why…). He’s an amazing son. He’d be there to help anyone in a heartbeat.

4. To have a future as a police officer and actually have a family

5. Nothing his mom would cook. Pretty much anything else would tickle his taste buds. He wouldn’t pass up some Nutella on a croissant.

6. Scrubs that are way too small for him or a tiny pink jacket. *chuckles*

Hélène Rousseaux

1. Pierre’s Mother

2. Petite long, brown haired woman. She’s a pretty woman, for sure

3. Nice and willing to help others. Struggles with depression. She is a loving and devoted mother

4. To be a curator at Musée du Louvre, but for the most part, she wants to be a good mother to her son despite her issues

5. The first lunch she ate with her late husband

6. Something professional she would wear to visit an art gallery

Luc Broussard

1. Pierre’s best friend

2. Tall but slender blond haired boy, may have a zit or two

3. Class clown and friendly with the girls. He is smart, though but just doesn’t want to show it off. He’s got a reputation to uphold, ya know

4. To be the wizard of the all knowing

5. Anything that fits in his mouth (or doesn’t, for that matter)

6. His held-together-by-tape shoes

Madame Rose

1. Next door neighbor and surrogate mother/grandmother

2. Short and petite grey haired woman

3. Everything a grandmother would be—sweet, loving, and giving. She’s got pep to her clumsy step. Be careful, she might pinch your cheek

4. For her loved ones to be happy. She wouldn’t mind being with her late husband again

5. A home cooked meal accompanied with Pierre, Hélène, and Félicité

6. A pink skirt suit with matching high heels and lipstick will work beautifully

A Character Who Shall Not be Named Here… (Dun Dun Dun)

And a Couple Sub-characters You’ll Meet!

Thanks Julia! 

You can meet up with Julia at the following stops during her blog tour:

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  1. Welcome back, Elise - nice to be able to post on your blog again :) Hope all is well and the writing isn't giving you too much of a headache.

    Laters dood!

  2. Hey, I'm Mark K, too :)

    (OK, I've been watching too much kids TV.)

    Anyhow, *congrats* again to Julia, the Queen of Paris :)

    And, welcome back Elisha, we missed you.

    No, seriously.

    1. The Queen of Paris, huh? I like the sound of that, Mark! All hail Julia, the Queen (or rather King--last name) or Paris. hehe

  3. Now that is quite the cast of characters!

  4. Sounds like quite the cat of characters indeed

  5. Go Julia! Love the cast. Thanks for sharing Elise!

  6. Congrats Julie, you have a strong cast. Glad you're back Elise.

  7. Thanks, Elise!!! You are the best! Hugs

  8. So Elise is back, and with a wonderful spotlight on Julia King! I can rest easy now.

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  9. Ooo, I like the character introduction, great idea!

  10. Sounds exciting. Love the cover!

    Best of luck Julia.

  11. Very remiss of me Julia - huge congrats on your book. Loving the character list :) What's coming after this one?

  12. Congratulations Julia! Loved having you here today and thanks everyone for stopping in.
    But guys . . . don't tell anyone, I'm still on vacation... (;

  13. Glad you're back, Elise. Missed you (but loved your pics. ;)

    Enjoyed reading about Felicity Found - great post!

  14. Fun to get to know a bit more about Julia's characters! And enjoy the rest of your vacation, Elise! :)


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