Wednesday, 6 March 2013

IWSG - Move Your A**

IWSG is a monthly bloghop hosted by 
writer and blogger Alex Cavanaugh
where writers are encouraged to talk 
about their insecurities. 

I'm sitting here, trying to write this post and as usual I'm struggling. The clock is staring at me and I'm freaking out because I've waited until the last possible minute. The only thing saving me right now, is the time zone. Sheesh.

So here I am, again trying to think of a new insecurity to talk about when it hits me. *thump*

I don't need new insecurities! 

I still have all these old ones that continue to kick my butt with gusto!

  • Self-doubt? 
  • Fear of disappointment? 
  • Fear of being unoriginal? 
  • Procrastinating with my edits? 
  • Fear of never being published? 
  • Loss of passion for my wip? 
  • Setting unrealistic goals? 
  • Fear of writing because I suck? 
  • Fear of never finding my writing voice? 
  • Fear everyone will hate my book? 

So you know what? I think I'm going to try working on the aforementioned list of insecurities OR, I can just ignore them for now, get off the internet, sit my butt down in front of my edits and start working. Because let's face it, my insecurities aren't going anywhere and I've lost my Squelching-Insecurity stick. Blast. However, I did set a goal to finish my edits before April and this is still possible, but I have to get on it ASAP.

Here's hoping March will be a productive month for me, for you, for everyone. I think it can be, we just need to do like James . . .    



  1. knowing what you need to do, and doing it... not so easy with a millions distractions, half or more from kids' needs...

    as you know: the difference between a pro and a wannabe writer - the pro never quits

    hang in there, like i've said before: you ARE a fine writer!

  2. Me like. I think we just need to get on with it half the time. When we notice our insecurities it only makes things worse. So yes, we just need to tell that inner critic to shut the f*** up and move on.

  3. Butt in chair and work! When you're busy and productive, you don't have time to be insecure. Right?

  4. I hate the "I suck" one most of all-- hate when that monster creeps in my heart and tries to defeat me! That's when I take a deep breath and truly try to write for joy, not for an audience or a deadline, but to remind me I love words. And then I drink a little wine...

  5. Why look for insecurities. Deal with the ones you know about and ignore the rest. And you're right, the best way to deal any insecurities is work. Good luck!

  6. I need more sleep. For some reason I thought you feared immortality. *climbs back into bed*

    I think it's better not to dwell on your insecurities. Focus on your strengths instead.

  7. Hahaha! You are so right! We don't need to find new insecurities, we can just use what we have. I agree that work is the best insecurity squelcher.

  8. Wow, that list, well, it pretty much sums up my list perfectly! Sometimes it really is good to just ignore that stuff though, and eventually it goes away :) (well, that's what I've been told at least, haha!).

  9. Brave is not the fearless one but the one who confronts his fears and overcomes them. The only way to defeat an insecurity is dive head-on into the challenge for results. :)

  10. All those things you've mentioned? I'm intimately familiar with the lot...and, like you, I hate them.

    I think the trick is to make them work -for- you, instead of against you.

    Self doubt? Well, yeah, you need that to counter any sort of arrogance that might crop up. If you're not worried about how you'll do, you're doomed to fail.

    Fear of disappointment? An absolute necessity to make sure you do your damnedest...for both you and your reader.

    Fear of being unoriginal? Of course...another check/balance to insure that you -are- original.

    I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Our insecurities are like the government.....they might -look- like they're in charge but, in the end, they're working for -us- and not the other way around.

    You're awesome so sit down, start writing, and prove me right! (I hate being wrong :P )

  11. Oh yeah. I also have a list of insecurities that always haunt me.

    Just one thing: Don't worry so much about finding YOUR writing voice. Find YOUR CHARACTER'S. Tends to be much easier than you think. :-)

  12. *hugs* I don't know if those insecurities ever go away, mine certainly haven't! But, by working hard, you can keep them quiet for a little while. :D

  13. You oooze talent. I doubt you'll have any problems. But you're right, you won't have success without the butt in the chair time.

  14. Fears suck! I have those too BTW. :(

  15. I could take that checklist and make it my own! Our fears always seem to get the better of us until we stare them down and kick them in the rear!

  16. "The only thing saving me right now, is the time zone." -- Priceless!

    Hunker down with those edits. The only thing to fear is fear of edits... no wait, that's not right... Well, you know how the saying goes. :-)

  17. I think I have the same checklist. But to mine I add fear that this is all a waste of my time and I should be doing something better.

  18. Having old insecurities is like having old friends--you can get comfortable with them. :-)

  19. You pretty much mentioned them all. The usual suspects. But little by little they begin to wane and you remember you do it cuz you love it.

  20. From the comments, it seems like all writers have those insecurities at some point or the other!
    Same old fears, different day...
    We'll all hang in there together!
    Get your butt in your chair... and I'll get my butt in mine.
    You can do it! And so can I!

  21. I feel you on those insecurities, Elise, I experience many of them myself! Good luck on working through them, I will be sending positive vibes your way!

  22. You are so dead on. Insecurity abounds with us writers. I have all of your same ones, plus plenty more. But Daniel Craig did make me feel better. ;-)

    My IWSG Post

  23. Your list looks a lot like mine, Elise. Though I've never read any of your work, I know it has to be super because your blog is Fab, and it's a strange fact of life that people as gorgeous as you, are a success at everything they do! So, now you can trash all your worries and bask in knowing you will SUCCEED! Happy writing, friend! :)

  24. The faster you're moving, the less you see those insecurities.

  25. Hear, hear! Activity always helps shove insecurities aside.

  26. Soldier on!!! I'm behind you 100% :)

  27. Our insecurities are pretty much the same. I wonder if most writers or creative people have the same fears. Sometimes it sucks the life out of me. But gotta keep going and just sit down and get her done. I'm editing too. Not fun but is needed. Good luck!

  28. Never give up and insecurities are just that. They can be overcome.

  29. I constantly convince myself that I suck. It's a vicious cycle.

  30. Natasha said it best. "You doubt because you care. And that can only lead to great things."


  31. Hi Elise,

    I have backtracked to this posting. Then again, I was going to procrastinate about leaving a comment and submit it some other time.

    I believe, based on what I've read in your list, that the driving force in your heart embraces the passion, the belief that is your writing. Indeed, don't set unrealistic goals and go step by step, in workable parts. With each small goal worked on, the ultimate goal, your dream, can be the wondrous reality you so desire. I write without pressure, no expectations. Perhaps bizarrely, my insecurity is fear of success. We all must challenge ourselves and get out of the uncomfortable comfort zone.

    Keep going, Elise and happy, fulfilling writing to you.

    Your friend,

    Gary :)

  32. Um, yes. every writer has all of these insecurities but we write anyway. There's something powerful about that, don't you think?

  33. My dear, I think you've spent way too much time on that list. It boils down to you have too many fears! Trust in your spirit and do it. I do have to say that so far every goal I try to set go by the way side. I need to take my own advice and just do it... one day at a time. I wish us both luck!

  34. Hi, Elise,

    I know how you feel. I have been editing forever. I thought I was finished and had decided to do one more before sending it out to my CP. Glad I did. STILL finding crap to change. Half way through now. I also wanted to get a head start on my A-Z posts. HA. I am leaving for Florida and I will be busy for a while down there. SO WHEN will I get to it? I have five days. LOL.

    I hope to at least have the edits done. AND I hope I have internet access in April. Where I am staying may not. Here's hoping. LOL

    I hope the next three weeks are super productive for you.


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