Wednesday 7 November 2012

Ressurrection and IWSG

Happy first blogging anniversary Mina Lobo!  To celebrate this milestone, Goth Mom Mina at Some Dark Romantic is hosting her first blog party called Resurrection Blogfest! 
(Don't fret, IWSG post is just a few paragraphs below....)

The idea behind this blogfest is to highlight a post during your first year of  blogging. There's also a bunch of prizes and stuff, but I'm not posting for prizes. And as much as I love this chica, when Mina announced the details of her blogfest, I though to myself, Oh, hell no. No way am I resurrecting one of my crappy ass, have-no-idea-what-the-hell-I'm-writing about posts. These old posts should be lucky to still be live on my blog. You have no idea how tempted I've been to delete the crap out of my first few months of blogging. Problem is, I've only been blogging for about 9 months and if I start deleting now, I'd end up with nothing but yesterdays post, a cartoon. But I'm lucky to have awesome readers that leave equally awesome comments to the point that I just can't delete the post. But, fate has it that I did eventually find a post to use. It was the third post I had ever written. EVER. It's about Flamenco dancing and men's buns. :P

Needless to say, I didn't know much about blogging, (not that I know a whole lot more now, mind you) and I was brand spanking new to the writing community. And I may or may not have passed out from extreme anxiety after hitting the publish button. * collapses to the floor *

Flamenco Dancing is to a Man's Buns as Water is to a Cup of Tea – HOT*

So as you can see it wasn't easy for me to find a post for this blogfest and the reason for that is simple-I'm an insecure writer. 

BANG!   ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿   BANG! 

vvv Segue to my IWSG Post vvv

My latest insecurity this month stems from not being taken seriously as an aspiring writer thanks to beloved friends/family members. How can I be successful if the people closest to me don't take me seriously?

This is one of many examples:

"Can you watch the kids for me for just an hour?"
"What for?"
Cringing internally because I know where this is leading, "Because I'd like to get some writing done."
"Oh, right. Your book..." insert condescending tone and eye roll for good measure here.

Yes! That's right, I'm STILL writing my book. And no, I still haven't gotten it published, no I don't have an agent and yes, there is a great chance this book will never see the light of day or generate a single dime. But can't you just love and support me anyway?

On a happier note, at least the US elections are finally over. (: 


  1. Hey,

    The buns article was fun (and a little weird for me, a guy:) to read... I could totally imagine you wrote that at a breathless pace :)

    Tell the Hubster if he watches the kids, you'll do the same the next time the soccer comes on :)

  2. Lol, love the old post. I don't think I would be brave enough to link to any of my old ones. Though I guess they're out there for anyone to see anyway.

  3. The resurrection post is great, it delves deep into your personality Elise. I was quite surprised by my hubby's antics tonight - I walked into the door - he was sweeping the floor, he fed the dog, washed the dishes, had dinner organized and had done the washing???

    This was his way of supporting me while I spent the night engrossed blogging as co-host to IWSG, I had told him in advance that I would be busy. I didn't realize how much he does actually support me. I am lucky I guess!

    1. walking into the door must've left SOME bruising... elsewise, where's the fun of it? :P

    2. Ha! Be nice, laughingwolf. :P

  4. I ma so glad the elections are over. Now I can turn the TV back on again!

  5. I'm so with you on those old posts, Elise. The best thing about most of mine are the comments. Come to think of it, that's STILL the best thing about most of posts! :-D

  6. SO thrilled that the elections are over.

    And as for "Oh right. Your book..." I've been there. It's never a great feeling.

  7. I understand where you're coming from with this. For me, the frustration is folks not reading the stuff I write, or if they do, not really giving constructive feedback, just the usual, " that's good, you should write some more." Very noncommittal reply they think you want to hear. Even worse are those who promise, on pain of death that they will read and when you ask a week later, "So, what did you think?"', and they look either puzzled or guilty - either way,the answer is the same, "Oh, I haven't had the time yet, but I will, I promise!"


    It's those moments I think, 'Why do I even bother?' and contemplate jacking it all in. And that's why we all need each other :)

  8. one mother bragged about writing her first books on an old, manual typewriter, set high enough on a side table the kids couldn't reach it... every time she found five minutes, she'd add another paragraph... thus, wrote a book every two years... what's your secret writing formula? ;)

    you're good... don't stop!

  9. I know how you feel about the family members not believing in you. I've dealt with that too. Just picture how it will be different when you do establish yourself, and use that a motivation to keep you working through the rough spots. Happy writing!

  10. Oh I so feel your pain. People can be brutal, especially our loved ones.
    Like Pavlov's dogs, you just have to train them! LOL.

  11. People still don't take me seriously about my writing. OH well. I think it's because I'm not some author that makes enough money to support himself (very few actually accomplish that btw). I think at some point you just need to tune out the naysayers and move on with your dream on your own. Everyone that loves you will eventually support your endeavors. It helps to be extremely honest with them and say "I'm a writer. This is what I do. Deal with it." And maybe once in a while "No, I'm busy writing. I can't do that favor for you. This is my work."

  12. Hi, Elise,
    That flamenco post has me curious. Keep doing what you're doing. I didn't get any eye rolls simply because I wasn't brave enough to tell people I was a writer. Bully for you for letting people know you're a serious writer.

  13. Keep writing! You are a writer because you write. They will eventually see that.

  14. same scene at my house. and it still feels like a hobby in their eyes, even tho i got a contract to publish! maybe when i have the book or get a check...they dont get it because it's such a long process, time consuming and takes dedication...we are just us to them. thats why blogging is so wonderful! keep writing! we get it!

  15. I'm sorry! That's rough when there's no support at home. Makes me grateful my wife does understand.
    WE support you! Hope that's enough to get you through.

  16. for real re the elections - I guess we're all insecure writers to some extent - I have worked as a journalist for ever but my creative writing isnt always taken very seriously good luck, nice post.


  17. Great man buns are all I need.... Oh, wait. Did I just write that?

    Ahem... I get the same treatment all the time from my family and friends and just about everybody else who isn't a writer. Non-writers do NOT get it at all and we just have to put up with their putting up with us, I guess. We don't get no respect, see!

  18. Your Resurrection post cracked me up! I'm so sorry that I missed out on that blog hop, it looked like tons of fun! As for your insecurity, I feel your pain to a degree. Often, I have to beg my spouse to turn down the TV or stop interrupting me with recaps of social media stories he's heard because "I'm trying to focus on my writing up here"... At times, I don't even bother sitting down in front of the computer because I don't see the point in going nowhere with my story and getting frustrated that I can't keep my train of thought. The lack of support you mentioned though, seems far worse, and makes me sad. Support is so important, but I have found more of that from strangers in this blogging circle in the past few months than I ever had in "real life". I hope you experience the same... that's kind of the point of IWSG, right? I hope to see more writing from you soon... your words matter because you have the courage to share them. :-)

    1. Hi T, thanks for stopping by and for the follow! (: I'm happy to return the follow and really enjoyed your IWSG post, it was a touching story and I'm sorry about the passing of your grandfather. I tried posting a comment on your blog but for some reason, the comment box never pops up ): I hope you come back over here to check for replies. I'll try again to see if it's just a glitch on my end, but unfortunately, this has happened to me before on one other writer's site. But I'll keep trying!

    2. Aw, thanks, Elise! That means a lot... and it wasn't you. I fixed my comments section today. :-)

  19. My hubby used to do the eye-roll and ask how much money I've made from writing so far. But as time wore on, he accepted it, began to understand how competitive and difficult it is, and now he's supportive. (Will wonders never cease?) Don't give up, and I'm sure yours'll come around eventually. :-)

  20. Your flamenco post is awesome! :D

    I know what you mean. Of course, I'm in that bitchy, middle-age stage of life where I just take what I need and snarl at anyone who interrupts me. hahaha

    Regarding our elections, I'll paraphrase a guest on CNN. 'I never thought I'd be more tired of anything than Viagra and Cialis commercials, but it's to the point I'd rather hear about erection than election.' :P

    Great post!!! :)

  21. Great IWSG and Resurrection post, Elise! Well, ok, I might have preferred a little less male Flamenco dancer buns, and more FEMALE Flamenco dancer buns (and boobs), but that's just me. ;^)

    Glad you're still blogging, and still writing, and you absolutely should get love and support and a break to be able to write!!!

    Hang in there!

  22. don't have to worry. Your flamenco blog post was lovely, you really captured the Carmen excitement. I know what you mean about family taking it seriously. Problem is, my hubby thinks I can do all the writing I need in half an hour (he writes articles for newspapers - and he CAN do it). He doesn't realize I need at least an hour to warm up!!!
    You carry on just as you are, your blog's great.

  23. I liked your resurrected blog, very interesting...=)

    About writing, I understand how hard and frustrating it must be to feel your loved ones don't take you seriously. Maybe you could talk to them and let them know how you feel. We all pursue dreams, one way or another. If you were there for them, it is only fair they should do it for you. =/ Regardless, don't stop believing in yourself. Keep writing. We believe in you. =)

  24. I SO get this. But, I have full faith that your book will see the light of day. Full Faith! Hang in there. That's why we have this wonderful writing community, to surround ourselves with people who understand that eye roll and believe in themselves anyway. Sending you a big writer hug!


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