Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Poem

There is a 
that is such a 
when the moon is 
big and bright

When the undead 
and witches 
jack o' lanterns are 
and monsters have fingers
one less than 

Then all of a sudden 
all is gone
vanished with the dawn 
and not a soul will be in 
not even a bat in 

Not until that dreaded 
when the moon is 
big and bright 
not until 

by E. Fallson, 1988

I know this poem doesn't have any kind of real structure, among other things, but I wrote this when I was in grade school so be gentle :P. 

To all celebrating Halloween, 
be safe and hope you have a good one


  1. I was surprised when I saw the date. You must have only been... three, maybe? :D This is excellent and definitely has me in the right mood!

    1. LOL! You really know how to talk to a lady. :D

  2. Great poem. Why don't you write more?

  3. loved it! poetry is timeless! perfect for today =)

  4. How very topical - in two ways, Halloween poetry (ace) and the fact you've 'dug it up'... ok, stop groaning and moaning - omg, I can't stop! The horror! Oh, there it goes again!

    Nice going, Elise. Time for more poetry from you, methinks ;)

  5. Sally: Thanks Sally, I love poetry I'm just not that good at it, which is why I rather stop by your blogs like yours to read the good stuff. :)

    Tara: Thank you and I agree, poetry is timeless! Thanks for stopping in and for the follow, I'm happy to return follow, you've got a great blog!

    lawolf: Aw, shucks...thanks wuff. And you should write more poetry... (;

    Mark: LOL! My poetry prowess pales to your mastery of the verse. It would be wise to stay clear of my poetic hearse.

  6. I love your poem. Out of curiosity, how is Halloween celebrated in France? Are there trick or treat kids there? Do they give out mass produced candy like Snickers bars?

  7. I love Halloween poetry! So creepy :) I heard Thriller today while I was driving and I MAY have had a little dance party.

    The stuff I wrote in grade school was horrendous and border line comedic, so kudos to you :D

    Happy Halloween!!

  8. Michael: Thanks Michael. Halloween is not celebrated everywhere in France. In the region I live in, practically no one does anything Halloweenish, but the grocery stores do try using the date to sell a ton of candy. I've heard in the north east of France, people celebrate Halloween and go all out. Tonight for example I took my kids (dressed up) and we went to three of my friends house for trick or treating then we're going bowling in our costumes. :D

    Samantha: Thanks! Hard not to do a little dance when Thriller comes on, lol!

  9. That's an awesome poem, especially for having been written in grade school!

  10. Grade school? I'd say it's really damn good then!

  11. Hi Elise - that's brilliant - I loved it ... no wonder you're out writing now as part of your life ... loved it .. loved the vision you've created ..

    congratulations and count your teeth blessing you - if there's no Halloween in your part of France!! Cheers Hilary

  12. Awww, grade school you was super good!

    Happy Halloween!

  13. I love it, Elise! Happy halloween. What did your kids dress up as?

  14. Hey,

    This is much better of a poem than I could do - today :)

    Hope you had a frightfully wonderful evening :)

  15. That poem's adorable! Sounds like y'all have had a great Halloween. Getting over hurricane sandy, here, things haven't felt so Halloweenish, alas.
    Mina's Resurrection Blogfest!

  16. Sara: Thank you Sara :)

    Alex: Thanks Alex (:

    Hilary: Thank you and glad you enjoyed the poem. It's one of the few I can still recall from memory. Anyway, we had a wonderful time last night and yes I am thankful we didn't come back with bags filled with candy loot! The kids still got a few pieces of candy and that was enough to make them happy. (:

    Kelley: I guess I wasn't half bad, now that I look back...(:

    Jessica: Hi you! I took one black cat and one Batman bowling. We had great fun and I bowled an 83! My best score eva. One day I'll break 100, I can feel it... :P

    Mark: You know, I don't think I could either! :/

    Mina: Thanks you. Glad you're safe, hate that Sandy's done so much damage to the east coast. You'll just have to make up for it next year. (:

    1. I'm right there with you. Maybe we'll break 100 someday together. :)

  17. You're a poet, too! So talented... :)

  18. That was awesome! You've been talented for a long time.

  19. Aww! It's a great poem. I really love the lines: "and monsters have fingers
    one less than five."


  20. Cleemckenzie: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Melissa: Used to be apparently. (:

    Jenn: Aww, thanks Jenn! (=

    Cherie: That was my Dad's favorite line too. (:

  21. Structure or not, I like this poem. :)

  22. Elise, how old were you when you wrote that poem? About 5 years old? LOL
    It's a great poem!

  23. Linda: Thanks Linda. (:

    Michelle: LOL, no I was a little older than that, but glad you liked it. :D


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