Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lockmeupology - Happy Thanksgiving

For all of you celebrating Thanksgiving, 
I wish you a wonderful holiday. 
Travel safely, 
enjoy your meals, 
make the best of family and friends. 
See you all on Monday. 


  1. Hi Elise .. great post - loved your Frenchifying of it!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving even if it is with Monsieur le Turkey guillotined - poor chap!! Have fun .. cheers Hilary

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! The cartoon is funny. Just hack his butt.

  3. LOL, you guys make me laugh! Hugs and have a good one. :D

  4. Have a good one! Loving the French turkey's attitude.

  5. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Nick: It's well known that French turkeys have attitudes. :D

    Gina: Thank you, hope you have a great one too! (:

  7. Your M'sieur Gobble Gobble looks like a suave dude... with plenty of attitude alright! LOL.

  8. lol... gooders! ;)

    being ze only turkee in ze area, ze wuff make ze chili... wuffster style :O

  9. Michelle: LOL, indeed Michelle, attitude gives it lots of flavor. :D

    Lawolf: Thanksgiving chili...sounds good to me. :D

  10. that is hilarious! darn french, back sassing turkey! i'll show you where the stuffing goes!

    hope you had a splendid thanksgiving!

    1. LOL! That's right Tara, you tell em! :D We had a good thanksgiving and I hope you had a wonderful one too. (:

  11. Too funny! I love that the "Gobble Gobble" has a mustache, beret, and cigarette! Good luck sticking stuff up his derriere -- I've never even attempted cooking turkey. You're brave. Have a great weekend! :-)

    1. Stereotypes, gotta love em! :D I've found that cooking turkey is not really that hard, the trick for me is getting it to taste good... :P
      Hope you had a fabulous weekend, Lexa.

  12. everything is best served with wine!

  13. Hey,

    Sounds like you had your hands full, too :)

    Which begs the question, did your family celebrate - and if so, do the neighbors think you're weird :)

  14. ...hoping your Turkey Day was enjoyable, Elise ;)


  15. surprise! i tagged you in my monday post!! go check it out...

  16. DS: Cheers to that!

    Mark: We do celebrate but it's fairly low key since I have no family here. As for the neighbors, they do think I'm weird, but they came to that conclusion long before Thanksgiving! :P

    Elliot: Thanks Elliot, right back atcha. Hope you guys had a good one. (:

    Tammy: Oooooo, I love surprises! on my way =======>


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