Monday 29 October 2012

Arrow: My Guilty Pleasure

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ARROW is my new guilty pleasure. I don't know why because I can't seem to put my finger on it (though I really really wish I could).

This new tv series based on the comic book superhero Green Arrow is nothing we haven't seen before. Playboy billionaire (yawn) gets stranded on deserted island after ship wreck (double yawn), father was a successful business tycoon who died after the ship wreck (of course). Playboy gets rescued after 5 years and comes home a changed man but, must maintain his playboy persona while moonlighting as masked crime fighter. Oh and I almost forgot, he's still in love with ex girlfriend but things are complicated. AND her father just happens to be a cop (eyes rolls into back of skull).  Not only that but despite the obvious, no one knows who he really is and his hood always stays perfectly in place concealing his identity no matter what kind of acrobatics he's doing while shooting limitless arrows. *takes deep breath*   

So as you can see, nothing new here. And yet...why am I itching to stream the next episode as soon as it becomes available? WHY? It's so damn stereotyped and predictable! 

Well, maybe that's exactly the reason. I know what I'm getting-- an hour of Stephen Amell, mostly topless and running around shooting his arrows at bad guys. Superhero fighting crime and making the world a better place, one bad guy at a time. The premise is comforting and good will always prevail over evil. Plus, Mr. Amell is a fantastic actor for a hot blond guy and much more appealing in my opinion, than the classic comic book version with that awful mustache. 

So what am I saying? Have my preferences been reduced to eye candy and predictable story lines? Am I the same way with the books I read? The answer is, depends (the verb, not the brand name). Sometimes, I connect with the main character so much that I can over look problems with plot or a déjà vu premise. The same can be said about a slightly underdeveloped character wrapped up in a fantastic plot. But getting back to the series, I know that if it becomes too predictable, I'll end up losing interest and move onto something else despite the ridiculously hot mc. But for a clear conscience I think I'll need to tackle this question more thoroughly, and to do that I'll be forced to view a few more episodes of Arrow. Yes, most definitely.


  1. Haven't had time to watch this one yet.

  2. Hey, Elise, So much to watch, so little time. Haven't watched this one either, but I do know that mindless entertainment hits the spot sometimes. Cool pictures. Like the one with the match flame. Not liking the one with the frog. Yuck! Some of them look like they'd be good as book covers.

  3. Arrow is my new guilty pleasure too.

  4. Oo, I haven't had a chance to see this yet! Dammit! If the epsisodes are anything like that picture, it'll be my GP too. LOL.

  5. I like the action bits, but the earnest chats and court room bits are interminable. I wonder what other superheroes will turn up.

    Moody Writing

  6. Alex: I'm sure you could pick it up in the middle somewhere and be okay. :D

    JL: There are a lot of series out there, I've only picked this one up until Game Of Thrones starts back up in April. It's my guilty pleasure. I'm glad you like my snapshots. I never really thought about it before, but maybe some would make for interesting cover images. (:

    MJ: Arrow is a good GP I think, it balances out all the other...well, I'm not sure what, but I'm sure it's good for something... (:

    Mina: GP for sure!

    Michael: The question is, what series do you 'not' watch?

    Mood: Some of the lines are down right terrible but I think the bits of humor manages to salvage it in the end.

    Jessica: Nice try bot.

  7. Oh yeah, he's hot! Let's see. . . what time is it on?

    1. LOL! He should be on all the time in my opinion...(;

  8. ive never heard of arrow... but i miss a lot of programs over here
    the only two tv shows i watch somewhat regularly are Pawn Stars and The Pickers (I guess its called American Pickers in the States!)
    i used to love battlestar gallactica a few years ago.................... i feel like im missing out
    everyone keeps telling me about these awesome tv shows like Breaking Bad..... oh well :(
    PS: let's see if i can post on ur blog! lol maybe that will break the curse with mine

  9. if this is all hollyweird has any more, doubly glad i threw out [literally] my tv, going on 8 years ago! :P

  10. I've never heard of this show at all. Seems like everything on TV and in movies is adaptations from comic books. Are comic books ruling our world now? LOL. Still only geeks actually read them. I love Japanese comics with a passion, but not usually American comics.

    I bet you like this because it probably connects with you emotionally on some level, despite the over-used tropes. Over-used tropes, or not, we love what we can feel in our gut.

  11. Jeremy: I have the same problem living in France. However, I do stream stuff online as it becomes available. I missed out on battlestar gallactica but heard good things about it. And good luck breaking the curse, though I have a feeling we're going to need an computer exorcist.

    Lawolf: This and GOT are the only two that I'll take the time to watch, but like you I don't have tv, but I do watch stuff online.

    Cathy: Comic book adaptations are in vogue right now. I don't know much about Japanese comics but I do enjoy reading the Hellsing series.

    1. good stuff :)

      when i get back into animation, i may change my mind about owning a tv, they're cheaper than monitors to watch on ;)

      also, i still have DVDs which i watch on my computer monitor, but i'd like to lean back and watch em on a bigger screen...

  12. "The answer is, depends (the verb, not the brand name)."

    *howls with laughter so hard she can barely read the rest of the post* xD

    I think a good execution (skillful storytelling, not capital punishment :P) can make us overlook cliche and or predictability. And eye candy doesn't hurt. ;)

    Great post! :D

    1. Thanks Melissa! I agree, a good story and eye candy is all we really need. :D

  13. I just started watching this and am enjoying it :-)
    I like superhero stories ;-)


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