Monday, 16 April 2012

N for Nepidae: Waterscorpion

Today I have two posts prepared for you today! Why? Because I'm crazy. Also, because my initial idea for an N post was pretty gross and frankly, I don't want to end up with negative followers. I don't think it was that bad, but I'm usually in the minority on these things, therefore, I decided to write up a second post. So here you have it, Nepidae, the Waterscorpion. Those of you that are not of the squeamish variety and interested in reading my original post you can get to it by clicking here. But you have been warned. I don't want to read in the comment box how it's my fault you lost your breakfast all over the keyboard and have been paining to pick out the chunks. (yes, it's late. I shouldn't be allowed to write posts at night when I'm tired).

Fun Facts:

1) Nepidae is a family of aquatic insects in the order Hemiptera. They are commonly called waterscorpions for their slight resemblance to land scorpions and are typically found in still freshwater ponds and lakes.

2) Nepidae have raptorial forelegs and a long slender breathing tube composed of two filaments at the tip of their abdomen.

3) Watersocrpions are predacious and use a lie and wait strategey for capturing prey. They lurk motionless, close to the surface, head down, clinging to pond weeds or other debris waiting for prey to swim by. Periodically, they will back up to the water surface to replenish air.

4) Nepidae feed on other small aquatic insects, crustaceans such as freshwater shrimp and even small fish.

Well, there you have it. Now, who wants to go skinny dipping in the pond?


  1. Nope. Didn't lose my breakfast! ;)

    And your interesting info on Nepidae makes me want to learn more of the little creatures. Nicely done! ;)

  2. I didn't think it was gross. I thought it was really well done. I'll pass on he skinny dipping though. :)

  3. It wasn't bad at all. As long as they stick to the aquatic insects and don't try to eat me we'll be fine. :)

  4. It's an interesting group of insects.

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  5. I'm totally loving your theme. Who knew I would get excited to come to your blog not only for good posts but for random facts about bugs? LOL. You are awesome, Elise. :D

  6. I liked your original post. I am not really a fan of bugs, but I didn't get grossed out.

  7. Jack: Glad you didn't lose breakfast. (:

    Mina: LOL. You said "he skinny dipping..."

    Jessica: Amen!

    Lee: They sure are. Thanks for stopping by and for the follow. (:

    Morgan: I'm so excited that you're excited about bugs! Awesome attracts awesome. (;

    Ruth: I'm glad you liked the original post, I wasn't really sure about it. (:

  8. There's all kinds of things that live in water. I'd rather swim in water with a few of those things in them and take my chances as opposed to water that had a man-eating shark or piranhas in it.

  9. Interesting... and the breakfast is still intact (the lunch and supper,too...)LOL!
    ... as for skinny-dipping... well, we won't go there... leave that for a separate post...

  10. Liked both posts. Your first post... well, it'll happen to the best of us some day. Didn't know anything about waterscorpions, but they look less ferocious to me than the land variety. Hopefully I would just get a little nip if I was in a pond with them (rather have shorts on though!)

  11. Michael: Aquatic life is pretty amazing, minus the human-eating types. (:

    Michelle: LOL! Glad you kept it all down. (:

    Nick: Shorts would be a good idea LOL!

  12. I didn't lose my breakfast, but I did squirm in my seat for a few minutes. Haha! Fun post, Elise! :)

  13. Oh those are creepy looking bugs. It was cool to learn about them. Thanks for posting.

  14. Now I'm going to have to check out the second post, because I was squirming enough with this picture. Eek. Loving your A to Z and the journey through bugs. ;-)

  15. Carrie: Just as long as you didn't squirm too much. (:

    Jessica: Thanks for stopping by, they are fun to learn about if you can get past the creepy part.

    Tia: LOL! Good luck.. (:


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