Friday, 2 March 2012

Blogger is driving me crazy!

Ahhhh! My blogger background has a mind of its own and it's driving me bats*** crazy! The title is all wrong and I'm pulling my hair trying to fix it. It goes from transparent (which is what I have it tagged as) to black to white. ??? It shouldn't be this hard to personalize. I had it perfect last night and today... I have no idea what happened. Are the stars not aligned properly in the Blogger universe? Grrrrr. Will spend some more time on it tonight, if I don't drop kick my computer out the window first.


  1. Technology drives us all crazy at some point - good luck!!

  2. Sorry about Blogger! But you probably look better WITH hair, so try not to pull it all out!

    xx Rachel

  3. Thanks Sally and Rachel. I'll work it out eventually, even if I do end up having to buy a wig! (;

  4. Blogger seems to be driving everyone nuts lately! Darn those gremlin nanobots!


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