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Elise Fallson is the pen name under which I write mainly paranormal/fantasy and fiction. I'm a US/French duel citizen, and have been living in France for the last ten years. Before that, I grew up in Virginia, USA and earned my MS degree in Entomology. This blog is a way to share my writing journey, and  to connect with and learn from the many talented  people in the writing community. 

In an attempt to avoid making this sound like an on-line dating profile, I'll just say that I love being a Mom to two amazing kiddos, and writing is a big part of who I am (just wish I had more time for it). I'm also a big fan of life and all things that bring laughter and a smile on a gloomy day. Hope you enjoy this blog where I'll be sharing things about writing, life, and everything in between. :D  


  1. Great pictures in Vine Leaves!

    Jim Keen, Pamlico Writers Group

  2. Hi Elise! Thanks for stopping by to say hi, you're the sweetest! I've been super busy lately and something had to get put on hold, so my blogging hat is hanging up for another month or so while I sort life out.; Things are well, though :-) How is everything with you?? PS if you want to kit easier, I can be found on Facebook under my real name, Randi Mailloux :D


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