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My Bittersweet Reveal: The Thing That Turned Me - An Anthology

By now I'm sure many of you have seen and heard of this awesome anthology scheduled to be released by the end this month: The Thing That Turned Me. It's an anthology put together by the very talented and super sweet Randi Lee, who blogs over at and

This reveal is especially exciting for me because out of all the wonderful authors contributing to this book, guess who gets to be one of them?! Me! 

But....but.... you wouldn't know it if you looked it up on Goodreads.  

What? Tell me it isn't so!!!!

I know, crazy. Let me explain.

I got on-board early with this anthology, had my story written and accepted, and even though I'm listed on the contributors list on Randi's website, I'm not listed as a contributing author on the Goodreads anthology page. When I noticed the omission about a month ago, I contacted Randi about it who in turn, contacted the folks at Gr. I know she's done her best to get it fixed but to this day, my name still doesn't appear as one of the authors of the book. And to be honest, it's really starting to bug me. *shakes fist at Gr* Goodreads gets a lot of traffic, and having your name on a banner or badge just isn't the same as being listed as an author on Goodreads, hence the bittersweet reveal. I know it'll get fixed--eventually, but it kinda sucked out some of the excitement I had for this reveal. C'est la vie, and I'll just have to pour myself another glass of wine. ;) 

(UPDATE: I just checked GR today 8/3/16, and my name is finally listed! Thank you to whoever got that fixed. :) ) 

Anyway, until things get fixed, I'll just have keep admiring this awesome cover, designed by the very talented Harper L. Jameson.  And you know what's extra cool about the cover? The hourglass. I didn't see the cover until well after my story was finished and accepted for the anthology, that's important because in my story there's a whole section where I talk about hourglasses. Here's a little excerpt from my story, Deadly Encounters:


The Time Dealer  
The old man twitches his nose. The smell hits him first and every time, it makes his mouth water. Desperation. The taste of sweet, uninhibited, mouth watering desperation. But, it’s the sound of the unusual fabric skirting the worn wooden slats in the floor that makes his ageless eyes turn up. “Huh.” The old man leans back in his chair and wipes his bottom lip with a gnarled thumb. He is surrounded by countless hourglasses of all types, sizes, and colors. They hang in suspension from floor to ceiling in a room that has no end. Some hourglasses are large and ornate while others are small and modest, but no two are alike. The only thing they have in common is that they’re all running out of time. “So, the God among mortals has finally graced me with his presence. To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?”  

Below is the trailer, blurb and complete list of amazing authors and titles of The Thing That Turned Me, taken from the facebook page:

Cover Reveal: May 1, 2016
Book Release: May 31, 2016

A diverse group of authors, bloggers, speakers and editors has come together to bring you a unique collection of writings: “The Thing that Turned Me,” an anthology revolving around the people, places and things in our lives that ‘turn’ us, or cause us to change in some way.

A patchwork quilt of talent collaborates on this new and exciting project, inviting a singular synergy to the anthology that will leave you turning pages without delay. Works within the anthology range from Science Fiction and Fantasy to Creative Non-Fiction, and beyond. Poetry blends with prose in this variegated ensemble of stories, poems and essays.

“The Thing That Turned Me” will be available for paperback and ebook purchase on May 31, 2016.

S. Katherine Anthony (hold)
Imani Allen “Rehema”
Michelle Athy “The Disappearance of Miss Mary Dawkins”
Madalyn Beck “Hard to Love”
Diane Carlisle “The Window”
Alex J. Cavanaugh “CassaDawn”
Crystal Collier “The Shadow King’s Pet”
Cathrina Constantine “Rising Star~Falling Heart”
Michael Di Gesu “Through Shades of Gray”
Tonja Drecker “A Glowworm”
Deanie Humphrys-Dunne “The Journey”
Sherry Ellis “Finding My Voice”
Elise Fallson “Deadly Encounters”
Heather M. Gardner “Before We Break”
Samantha Redstreake Geary “Don’t be Koi”
Misha Gerrick “Ryan”
Krystal Hillsman “To the Last Love of My Life”
Celeste Holloway “Shadows Falling on Rainbows”
Harper L. Jameson “The Blanket”
Randi Lee “Off the Horse”
Terrance Dwayne Mack “When I Went Crazy”
K.D. Martin “Invariant”
Tyrean Martinson “Letting Go: A Siren Song”
Melissa Maygrove “Malice”
Nana Prah “Finding the Light”
Christine Rains “George and the Dragon”
Melanie Schulz “The Reader”
Elizabeth Seckman “Shifting Sands”
Tara Tyler “The Day Dave Broke the Internet”
Michelle Wallace “Shades of Deception”
L. Diane Wolfe “Revelation”
Roland Yeomans “Wednesday’s Child”


Well, that's it for me today. Thanks to everyone who has taken part in putting this anthology together, it's exciting and I can't wait for release day. And, thank YOU all for stopping in. I know I haven't been around much this year blogging wise, it's been a difficult year for me in many ways, just know I'll get through it one way or another--I miss visiting you all terribly! 

Hope everyone is well-- HUGS!!



  1. Well look at you, gurlfrend! All the very best to you and your writing, may it go strength to strength. Grats on the anthology - so well deserved :)

  2. Congrats on getting in the anthology indeed. One awesome cover sure also took seed.

  3. Sent you an email - please check on your gmail account :)

  4. You're in good company. The trailer is good too.

    1. Yes I am in good company, and it's a bit intimidating.

  5. Sorry you're not listed as an author. Hope Randi lee can get that fixed.

  6. Hi Ellie - that's one of those things that stops you in your tracks and for a while you can't forget it ... as you say it'll be put right ...

    Love the hour glass cover and then your story - now I can't wait to read ...

    Cheers - forget the bitter, remember the sweet! Happy Mother's Day - Hilary

  7. Not being listed as one of the authors really stings. I haven't checked to see if my name is listed. I will now. Will the last name of Yeomans, I am used to being left out. No fun. May the anthology glitch soon be fixed for you. Lovely, intriguing excerpt. Happiest of Sundays, Roland

  8. I don't think there's a limit as to how many authors can be listed, so no reason why you shouldn't be. It could be worse - when Parallels was first added to Goodreads, it connected to a Crystal Collier who wrote porn instead of the right one. That was fun to fix!

    1. It's actually still not connected to Crystal Collier.

      But I absolutely love all things hourglass. :)

    2. Oh no, seriously? Why is it so difficult to make simple modifications to the gr site?

  9. Congratulations! Your excerpt is intriguing...

  10. YAY!! it's going to be epic. I can't wait to see your name on GR, and read it! girl, I totally miss talking to you!! it feels like forever. love and hugs all the way to France!

  11. Congrats on this, Elise! How very, very cool! I hope GR gets that whole thing straightened out for you. Your excerpt is definitely setting something super interesting up. Makes me want to keep on reading!

  12. Great excerpt and I think the hourglass is a wonderful symbol for the cover. Congrats on being in the anthology along with so many others I know.

  13. Sorry about the goodreads kerfuffle, still it's pretty exciting that you're in an anthology. Yay! Try to forget about Goodreads and just enjoy. Rewards yourself. It's to easy as writers to stress over everything, but we need to accept the good as well as the bad.

  14. Congrats Elise and difficult times always have an end. All the best!

  15. The release day is coming closer, and closer...

  16. Bleh I hope it's sorted out by now. :-/


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