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So the other day I came across this video by science communicator/philosopher, Jason Silva. In this particular clip, he talks about the creative process and mentions something I hit on in my last IWSG post, which is getting out of our way to move forward, or as Silva calls it, entering "no mind." I wish I could tap into these flow states whenever I wanted to write without my inner critic getting in the way. But, I can't right now. I'm still swamped with work until end of September and with the kids on vacation....well my 'flow state' is a 'no show state.' However, I did get in a few hours of writing today, so there's that. 

Anyway, I know everyone is busy so I'll make this short and just leave you with the video (I hope it works) for you to watch if you like. It's short. Like me. :P

So until next time, have a good one and just go with the flow...  :)

Art As An Escape
THIS is the only thing getting in your way.
Posted by Jason Silva on Thursday, July 16, 2015


  1. I can enter no mind really easy! Probably too easy...

  2. Me, too, Alex. LOL

    Things will get better when school starts again. :)
    IWSG #119 until Alex culls the list again

  3. I can't wait to enter flow state again! I'm still in inner editing mode. :) So thrilled you got a few hours in today!! Jealous. ^_^

  4. My house has been so busy, I'm having trouble getting in the flow myself.

  5. Thinking of entering the flow state actually inhibits you from entering! Not fair! The Zen of Writing for me is to actually LIVE in the fictional world of which I'm writing -- feel the heat of the Egyptian sun beating down mercilessly upon me, having my tongue swell in my parched mouth, hear the whimpering of the dying dog I am having to put down to spare it a slow death ...

    May your writing take on new life. :-) Roland

  6. I've entered vegetative state way too often lately ;)

    I'm sure that will change when I get back into my writing / editing.

  7. My flow state always let's it flow at our show

  8. 'my flow state is a no show state'

    I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one with that problem. I've had a couple days (in the last five months) where I get a couple hundred words and think, 'Ah! I've solved the problem.' But the flow stops again. I've been giving myself a hard time, feeling like no kind or writer, even thinking about giving up. I know if I hang in there it will get better. it will for you too. I'll keep going if you will.

  9. Yeah, that would definitely be a useful state to get into. I don't think I've ever managed to do it...

  10. I hear you about summer being a bad time for writing! I think that's the incurable reality for those of us who combine writing with parenting.

  11. Hi Elise - interesting thoughts here ... our stories, art, music are our life as we live it - so we need to get to it ... sometimes a space helps us through ... perhaps once the summer is over and your busyness has eased up - that creativity will flow again .. take care and all will be well - cheers Hilary

  12. Pretty cool video. I feel like I've cleared out the anxiety that makes me overly edit and stress over my writing time so I can just write without that disruption. What to create comes more easily to me.

    I always tell myself nowadays that the 1st draft is MY draft. No one else will see that draft--that version of the story but me, so I can do whatever I want and write as bad as I dare to. When it's all done and time to revise and make further drafts, I can get into the critical part of my brain because all the creating is done already. And, those revised drafts are what other people are meant to see. But, my first draft is mine and might be a really different story, if need be.

  13. I love it when I slip into that place, and woe be unto anyone who breaks into it with something like, "Have you seen my other sock?"

  14. I've noticed that when it comes to flash fiction, then it's pretty easy for me to enter "flow state".
    Now I need to transfer this ability to the longer writing sessions...

  15. This is so true. Getting reborn is a big part of the creative process, I think. Great video. :) Miss you!

  16. I thought the flow state was opening the second cheap "bottle" of boxed red wine.

    Darn :)

    Happy writing, short friend :)

  17. Well done for getting some words down today! I like Mark's thinking - although, I'm with you Elise, I love a good strong coffee (I have at last count 11 machines in house :)) and chocolate to scoff whilst writing. Does nothing for the waistline but we can't have it all :) Have a great coming weekend, from a fellow 'shorty'.

  18. I love entering that semi-vegetative, almost sleep like stage. When I read my work later, I don't remember writing any of it.

  19. You've been away for awhile. I'm concerned. Hope all is well. You might try my new post at Wolf Howl's blog:

    I will say a prayer each night that all is well with you and yours.

  20. It's the end of September. I guess we'll be seeing you tomorrow :)


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