Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I Spy: Y

Welcome to I Spy...from A-Z!

Y, I think we're almost done! :D

Only one more day and the A-Z challenge will be over. I have to say I've really enjoyed doing this I spy game with you guys, my only regret is not having the time to interact with you all more, and having computer problems near the end. 
But, c'est la vie... :) 

Anyway, to change things up a bit before the end of the challenge, I posted a funny video for you guys in addition to the pics. Enjoy and I'll see you all tomorrow for the grand finale

So now, without further ado.....

I spy with my little eye things that begin with the letter...



My X answers:
Xmen, Xmen symbol, and that's all I got. :P 


  1. Year and yellow.
    This has been fun, even if I can't come up with very original words.

  2. Year, youth. yowling kittens. yellow, yarrow root (Not sure why) and of course yodelling, what a fantastic yodeller that guy is.

  3. I get the year and yodeling stuff, but that middle one is puzzling. How about yucky, like yucky swamps. :)

  4. Yodelling, yowling, yellow, yearly, yikes!

  5. Its hard to believe we've only one more letter to go! sniff.

  6. Hey Elise,

    Y am I here? I Y Y, what a guy, yodelling with a hedgehog on his head!

    And now the end of this idiotic challenge. Yippee!!

    Gary :)

  7. Okay, year & yodelling...that's all I got. :(


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