Saturday 18 April 2015

I Spy: P

Welcome to I Spy...from A-Z!

Overcast! That was an excellent O word for yesterday, ornery fits my cat perfectly too. You know, I asked my husband the day before if he could give me some ideas for O words and you know what he said? Ovaries. (o_O) So you can imagine why I didn't ask him to give me words for today's P post. *shakes head*

Anyway, let's have phun and for those of you joining us, this is a game of I Spy. Today we're finding words in the pictures starting with the letter P. 

So without further ado.....

I spy with my little eye things that begin with the letter...


My O answers:

Origami, Ornament, Orbs, Orlando, Oh-no-don't-eat-that! 


  1. That's a big praying mantis.

  2. Party favors. The praying mantis was my favorite insect to capture and keep, but my mom would make me set them free because they were somewhat blessed in Japan.

  3. Party, Praying Mantis, petrified, please, panic, phobia,

  4. Perky Praying Mantis Parties

  5. The first one is party of course. And the second is "Please get this preying mantis off my head!"

  6. Praying Mantis, party goods, party time!!!!!

  7. LOL, praying mantis! Paper, too. Love the cute photo.

  8. Praying Mantis, good one.
    Ovaries, hey? At least he came up with an O word. grin.

  9. Hi Elise .. for your husband .. party pooper .. but for you Praying Mantis - great photo .. and lots of party fun .. cheers Hilary

  10. There are two pictures, also called photographs, there's a party hat, party favors, so there must be a party. Therea a praying mantis and a person. The person has a pensive look, and is possibly puckering.

  11. I know it's supposed to be P but, eww, eww, eww, eww.


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