Tuesday 24 February 2015

Ideas: The Most Important Tool For Writers

What would you say is the most important tool for a writer? 

A computer? 
The internet? 
Writing groups? 
Grammar and style guides? ..............

Obviously, there isn't one true answer to that question because a writer, a good writer at least, needs many tools to develop their craft and create their world. 

But, I'd say having a good idea for a story is pretty damn important. And since I'm too tired and lazy to think of a better segue, (i.e., I'm out of ideas :P ) I've tacked on a short clip below about the power of ideas

If you think about it, without ideas there are no stories. Without ideas there is no forward thinking. Without ideas we cannot break down mental barriers, nor can we continue to progress. Without ideas we basically have--nothing. 

Anyway, I like the message in the video and it's interesting to think of it as it pertains to writing. What do you think? 


  1. Well, don't want to completely screw up my responsibility!
    Liked the video. The more ideas, the more we stretch and grow. The more we all grow.
    And good to hear from you, Elise!

  2. It only shows me the ad over and over. :( I agree the one thing a writer must have is an idea.

  3. Oh yes, ideas are the very best tool we have. Without them, the rest of that list is useless!

  4. The more ideas the better, without them you are screwed to begin with. Thankfully the cat has tons

  5. Without ideas, you can't really get anywhere. You're effectively out of gas. Very nice video!

  6. The video was inspirational. It reminds me of a John Mellencamp song, "Your Life is Now" - the lyrics are "In this undiscovered moment lift your head up above the crowd. We could shake this world if you would only show us how. Your life is now." My little boy listens to that before bed. I hope it seeps into his subconscious that he can change the world.

  7. It was a truly inspirational video. If we write, we have the responsibility not to say what anyone can, but to say what no one else can say but us. The music helped the video a great deal. What great science fiction does is stretch the mind along contours of thought we never would have imagined without it. Thanks for a great post.

  8. Definitely, definitely! Before a writer can do ANYthing else, they have to have an idea. :)

  9. Powerful message!
    It's all about stretching the boundaries of the imagination... well, a toast to that, Elise! *toasts*
    Hope you're well!

  10. Ideas and imagination are what propels us forward.

  11. I wish I could put my ideas on paper as quick as I think of them.

  12. So the most important tools are our brains. Without them, we don't know what to write.

  13. The ideas really are the core. I've read horrendously crafted stories with excellent ideas and have been enthralled. And I have read perfectly crafted tales that work best as a sedative.

  14. Great video! Everything starts with an idea for sure. I'll add another tool to that tool box....confidence! Yeah, I need a lot of that. XXXOOO Miss you!

  15. If you put it that way...the most important tool for THIS writer would be a hot tub! Seriously! I get all of my best idea's either in the shower (already have one of those) or the hot tub at the Health Club. In fact my wife has promised me that if I do get my book published...that I get to buy one! :)

  16. Personally I find time to be the most valuable thing for my writing. Never seem to have enough of it, always being interru


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