Thursday, 13 November 2014

NaNo: Day 13 What The...

National Novel Writing Month

Daily Word Count: 1,099 and counting... 
Total Word Count: 12,921
Words Remaining: 37,039

From my NaNo Stats page it says: 

"At This Rate You Will Finish On 
December 21, 2014"


  1. Hi Elise, you're still ahead of me. I have yet to break the 10,000 word mark as I'm also editing my current WIP. But I'll rock and roll on NaNo today through Sunday and hope to get that mnumber up around 20,000. Good luck to you!

  2. Better than no words at all! Keep at it.

  3. At least you'll be done by Christmas!

  4. NaNo assumes you don't have a life outside of writing :). Good luck!

  5. lol what you waiting for? Christmas?

  6. Hey Elise,

    Speak to me! :) Well done, but one question. Why are you wearing a kettle warmer aka "tea cosy", on your head?

    Gary :)

  7. All right! In time for Christmas. ;P

  8. Hey!!! guess what??? it says you will finish on my b-day. best present eva!!!

  9. 1000 words a day is nothing to sneeze at in my book. Good work!

  10. That will be quite a Christmas gift!! Have a wonderful weekend, Elise :)


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