Friday, 14 February 2014

A Shout Out To Some Awesome Folks

It's Valentine's Day (puke) and I wanted to share the love and give a shout out to some very awesome people.

Samantha Redstreake Geary, and the Composers for Relief: Support the Philippines project that not only created an amazing music album, but also a companion ebook, Beyond the Binding that is now available: 

beyondthebinding_cover_final- Worldwide through Amazon

- Goodreads

(More links coming soon)

DL Hammons at Cruising Altitude will be celebrating his one year anniversary of the Blog Blitz team. Please check it out if you haven't already. The team blitzes random bloggers, and what better way to brighten someone else's day than to blast them with over 100 positive comments!

I also want to give a shout out to Roland Yeomans at Writing in the Crosshairs. Roland is a supportive blogger and prolific writer. He's written dozens of books that are fast paced, action packed, and wonderfully written. I love the imagery and imagination in his books that give Roland a writing style all his own. You can check out Roland's books on Amazon

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend everyone. 
As for me, I'll just be watching my back . . .


  1. A lot of work went into the book and album from Composers for Relief.
    DL's Blog Blitz rocks the blogging world.
    And super awesome of you to mention Roland.

    1. Thanks for stopping in Alex,
      hope you and yours have a good wknd!

  2. Lol, that's about how I feel about Valentine's day.

  3. You are such a bad girl, pointing a thing like that at a poor cherub with an eating disorder. But, happy Valentines, ma'am - hope you get spoiled like the brat you secretly are ;)

    1. LOL! But seriously, chubby had it comin'. ;D
      Hope you have a great one too.

  4. When love is in the air I find that surface-to-air missiles work best.


    1. You're right. I need more firepower.
      I feel so much better knowing you've got my back.

  5. Replies
    1. Kamille! Hi!
      Glad you like the sketch, nothing says 'I love you' like cupidity. :D

  6. You must have some arm strength to carry that around

  7. Thanks for reminding me about Blog Blitz!

  8. That is one fine bazooka. LOL

    Love Roland's blog, and need to make time to read his work.

    Happy weekending, lady!

  9. Love all the shout outs. Very much deserved.

    And I really love the cartoon at the end. Awesome!

  10. Aren't you already with someone? Shoot the sucker Elise! Trying to mess with relationships, the little jerk. Happy to see authors helping those in need.

  11. Hey Elise,

    Bonjour, eh. Very good of you to mention all this stuff. Cute cartoon! Who is naked fat flying kid?

    Hope you had the kind of Valentine's Day you wished for. And yep, enjoy your weekend.

    Gary :)

  12. Cupid looks a bit nervous of the bazooka -and I guess I would too. o_o Have a great weekend, Elise!!

  13. Hey, why you being so mean to the chubby dude? LOL

  14. Hi Elise - the Composers for Relief is a wonderful and generous match up - such a clever idea. Then I to wish Roland well, as too DL ... and then your chubby cherub .. poor chap he's going to have a miserable year!!

    Hope you're having a fun weekend .. cheers Hilary

  15. LOL
    Love the artwork, and the sentiment. :D

  16. LOL. Love it. That's too funny.

    Hope you were able to watch your back!

  17. Oooh I've always wanted to know how the French spend Valentine's. I guess I'll have to wait and hear about yours.

  18. Valentine's Day wasn't too bad, was it? Any excuse to eat chocolate!

  19. LOLOL! Great picture. Love the rocket launcher.

    I was in the hospital on Valentines. I was teasing my husband about how he takes me to the most unusual places. :-) They had me in isolation and I was singing the refrain of Imagine Dragons' song, "I'm Radioactive." I think hubs was looking for tape to shut me up.

    I wanted to tell you that I like your glam shot for your profile. Very nice.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  20. *LOL* Get that Cupid! That would make for a good story. :)

  21. Yeah, that Blog Blitz team is another brilliant idea of DL's. Just signed up.

  22. You had me at "It's Valentine's Day (puke)". ^_^

  23. so are you saying that the stereo type of French lovers applies to you??? lol love ya girl!

  24. Good stuff, Elise. Thanks for these reminders.


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