Tuesday 30 April 2013


Zygology is a rare term that describes the general science of 'joining and fastening' (source). I couldn't find anything more about that. Not sure what we're joining or fastening in zygology . . . it reminds me of the word zygote and suddenly this whole definition gets very disturbing. 

Another zippy z_ology word

Zoopsychology: A branch of psychology that studies animal psychology.

Well that's it folks the 2013 A-Z Challenge is now 

I just want to take a quick moment to thank you all for being such awesome A-Zers, for stopping by, commenting, and sharing a laugh or two. And a special thank you to all you guys who continued to comment these last few days while I was gone  (✿◠‿◠)Unfortunately,  I didn't get a chance to visit my blogging buddies and new followers as much as I wanted this month. I'll make up for it soon.

I also want to thank everyone involved hosting/organizing this year, It's been one crazy month, but I'll have more to say about the challenge in my reflections post. For now I'm taking a little break--I'm still on vacation! And yes, I did bring my laptop, wip(s), books, and editing with me. Good or bad I am still a writer, even on vacation.

Ze End!



  1. It was so much fun visiting your blog this month, Elise! I feel like we got to know each other a little better through our posts.

  2. I went crazy with the visits. I have several new blogrolls on my blog because of that. Congrats on making it to the end El and I'm sure you did your best to visit everyone you could.

  3. Hi Elise ... have a fun rest of the vacation - the brain keeps working though. Your take on the A-Z was great fun .. and real sense of learning at times .. not sure about the Yoghurtology .. or the combination with a zygote.

    Happy days and see you around soon .. Hilary

  4. Just enjoy your vacation - you've earned the break!

  5. Ha ha - I thought of zygote, too, when I read the word. Glad it wasn't just me. :)

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping in today!
    You all have been great and are the reason A-Z is so awesome.
    I'll be visiting you all soon.

    (This is an unofficial comment, back to doing the vacation thing) (;

  7. Isn't that funny? I automatically pack my writing stuff too for vacations. I guess that's when you know it's not work to you.

  8. I am a new follower and I look forward to new posts.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  9. I fell apart a little with visits to blogs. The end of April quickly got absorbed by kids. But we made it.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  10. You rocked it, Elise. We both did. I'm doing a happy dance too. :)

  11. Congrats on making it through and sneaking in at my zoo haha and hmm maybe fastening seatbelts?

  12. Hello, Elise! Great Z words for today. I've been seeing such creative entries!!

    Congrats on finishing the Challenge!!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  13. I like these new words. Congratulations on finishing up with A to Z!

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  14. I know an animal behavorist. I guess that would make him a zoo-psychologist.

    Love the Gif.

    Hope you're enjoying your vacation!

  15. Enjoyed your theme and learned something along the way! Hope the rest of your holiday is fantastic.

    I always think about and take notes with my writing on vacation. Fodder material, and you never know what might turn into a post.

  16. Congrats on finishing the challenge (especially with a vacation tacked on at the end)! I own a few pets that could use a animal psychologist - it's all about the crazy at my house! And I love that gif of Dean - just another reason for my deep abiding adoration of Jensen.

  17. Zygology....hmm, you zyg-ed your A-Z together very nicely:) Congrats on finishing!

  18. I had a great time visiting you this month, Elise, and loved your theme. Have a great vacation and looking forward to your future posts.

    Congrats on finishing the A to Z Challenge, too! :)

  19. Now that you mention it, z words do tend to be a little disturbing. Congratulations on making it through A to Z.

    Jan at Website
    Beyond Acadia
    Swamp Lily Review
    Faith Talk

  20. Ok, I have to know which episode Dean screaming like a little girl is from. I can't remember. Please tell me! I have have have to watch it. :)

    Great job on the ologies. Hugs

  21. Well zoopsychology makes sense at least!

    These posts have been hugely entertaining, who knew about some of those wacky ologies. Congrats! Just make sure you try and unwind a bit on your vacation!

  22. We made it E!! Congrats on crossing the finishing line.
    I enjoyed your -ology posts!
    Hope you're having a great holiday!

  23. Hey Elise!

    That first one should be 'Zipperology'! Hey, what about me at the alternative alphabet anarchic challenge?

    Okay, stop crying, Gary. Seriously, I have a lot of admiration for you and all of those who subjected themselves to that challenge. Just relax now and enjoy the rest of your holiday, um vacation! :)


  24. yeah, zygotology was what i thought of, too!

    well done, el... careful of those florida sharks... land and water

    also, beware what're called 'crane flies', nasty buggers, look like giant mosquitoes... and the types of ants i just heard about on the radio, at least two kinds of which are fire ants, and another illegal alien-type decimating local florida insects, including rare butterflies :(

    enjoy the sun; safe trip home....

    1. Thanks wuff! Crane flies don't bother me, they are totally inoffensive. The fire ants however, I'll keep an eye out! I've been stung by fire ants before and it hurts like a b****!

    2. you must be un-delicious :O ... news radio sez crane fly bites in florida are worse'n those of horseflies... but, you're the bug expert

  25. you did it! you did it!! you zipped it up and wrapped it up! luckily you didn't get muddy with THIS one!

  26. Have fun on your vacation. We made it through AtoZ!

    Rhonda from Laugh Quotes

  27. Your A-Z thing has been fun to read!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  28. Love the video. Congrats on finishing A to Z. Loved your theme. Hugs.

  29. Congrats on completing the Challenge! Yours was one of my favorites. Get Z day to end it off. Especially lovely to see the Winchesters. Hehehe!


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