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Vexillology is the "scientific study of the history, symbolism, and usage of flags. It is formally defined by the International Federation of Vexillological Associations (FIAV) constitution as "the creation and development of a body of knowledge about flags of all types, their forms and functions, and of scientific theories and principles based on that knowledge."

The term was conceived in 1957 by the U.S. scholar and vexillologist Whitney Smith and first appeared in print in 1959. It was originally considered a sub-discipline of heraldry (Smith 12), and is still occasionally seen as such. A person who studies flags is a vexillologist; a person who designs flags is a vexillographer; and any person who simply likes, admires, or enjoys flags is a vexillophile.  (wikipedia)

Here are a few flags (not all are country flags) I find aesthetically pleasing: 

Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Philippine, 
Papua New Guinea, Republic of Macedonia, Macau, New Mexico, 
Bhutan, American Samoa,  Kiribati
Kenya, Japan, Hong Kong


And this I found interesting:

Real origin of the French Flag HERE

Other valuptious V_ology words

Vermeology: A discourse or treatise on worms. That part of zoology which treats of worms; helminthology.

Vinology: The study of wine and wine-making. I study the art of wine-drinking, a very indepth field of study called 'winoology'. *Hiccup*

Volcanology: Volcanology (also spelled vulcanology) is the study of volcanoes, lava, magma, and not the study of Mr. Spock--I hear Trekkies booing across the blogosphere.

Vulvology: The study of vagina, specifically, the vulva.

V is also for--VACATION!
Yes, I'm almost officially on Vacation. 
Tomorrow to be exact. 
For a little over 2 weeks. 
I'm excited, but mostly stressed out just thinking about traveling (with my kids) and taking the plane (please, please let it be a safe flight). Did I mention I'm a bit stressed about flying? No? Well, I am. Strange thing is, I've done a lot of flying in my life, but as I get older it stresses me out more. A lot. Anyway, all that to say, the rest of my posts will be pre-scheduled (assuming I didn't mess up the settings) and I'll be checking in on you guys as soon as I get to the hotel. Happy AZing!


  1. This made me think of Sheldon from big bang theory. Good luck on your vacation hope you have a great time.

  2. Beautiful flags. I also found the painting interesting, although that's not how I had the French flag's origin.

    Have a great vacation!

    1. Thanks Mish! You're right, that's not the origin of the French flag, but I found the painting interesting nonetheless.

  3. I like to study the art of wine drinking too, but only when I'm all done with my nursing.

  4. What a lovely word. Have a great holiday.

  5. neat stuff, el :)

    for spock, you need VULCANology [something to do with rubber, i take it ;)

    vulvology is of great interest to me... of course :P

    volvology would be the study of volvo cars, on presumes?

    straighten out and fly right; you're the prime example to your kids, they pick up on your emotions, keep em in check! -- otherwise, enjoy!

  6. Just as long as a vexillophile doesn't enjoy the flags TOO much.

  7. Vinology... I have a PhD in Pinot Noir.

  8. I never knew that about the French flag! Fascinating.

  9. Oh the things I could say about the last one lol, those flags are pleasing and have a fun and safe trip.

  10. Like Brandon (from the first comment), I thought of Sheldon's "Fun with Flags" from THE BIG BANG THEORY. :)

    Have a good time and a safe trip! I hear you about the flying - the older I get, the more I really don't like it.

  11. I also heard it in Sheldon Cooper's voice!

    That's an interesting way of looking at the French flag.

    Enjoy your trip! Don't stress out too much about checking up on us though. :)

  12. I like the flags too but more the study of the coat of arms (not remembering the name now).

  13. Fun new words I've never heard of before! I love expanding my vocab, thanks!

    Hm, I enjoy the study of coats of arms, too... what's that called?

    J'ecris, donc je suis, aussi. :)

    Happy A-Zing!

  14. I had never heard of this one before...very interesting stuff. I thought we had seen the last of the 'below the belt' entries, but there you go with Vulvology :D

    Have a great and safe vacation :)

  15. Hog Kong's flag is very pretty. I like it.

    Have a wonderful vacation!

  16. Have a great vacation! Where to? You probably worry more since you have kids along, so keep them busy and you won't notice the flight. Think of air turbulence as a theme park ride.

    The first time I flew across the US to visit family, I took a book with me (just in case my worst-case-scenario came true). It was called 'How to survive in the Wilderness'. It gave me confidence. It's how we tackle our fears that counts.

  17. As others have pointed out, I present Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler doing "Fun with Flags"

  18. Happy vacation and safe flight!

  19. I know enough about vaginas. Volcanoes would be interesting though.

  20. Hope you have a wonderful and safe vacation! That is my personal favorite word :) (Three more weeks for me!)

  21. I know where the last three v words came from but can't connect vexillology to flags. :) Maybe the term is originally from Latin?? Hope you enjoy your vacay.

  22. Most men are vulvologists aren't they? Love these words, dunno where you find them. Have a great holiday and if you stress about flying turn into an eonophile.


  23. Great flag collection! Happy Travelling, Elise! Enjoy your vacation!

    Writer In Transit

  24. Curious - I thought vexology was the ology of being vexed - yay for hols - anywhere nice??

  25. The worst part about catching these posts late is that everyone else gets to make the Sheldon Cooper jokes first.

  26. What's this? No Canadian flag, eh! Now then, happy holiday, um vacation. If you were flying "Blog Air". you would be totally relaxed. Well, hopefully relaxed knowing that Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar is the 'pawlet'!

    See that, I'm avoiding any silly innuendoes. What's wrong with me! :)

  27. Old Glory always makes my heart swell.

    Have fun on vacation. Prayers for a safe flight! (And hopefully there won;t be any Home Alone scenarios)

  28. Hi Elise .. happy holidays - enjoy .. whereever you're going .. chers Hilary


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