Wednesday 10 April 2013


Today is going to be an extra short post because I could only find one interesting/serious J_ology word for my theme. Nonetheless, I'm happy to highlight, Japanology. As the word suggests, it's the study of Japanese culture, language, culture, history, literature, art, music, science, etc. It includes contemporary social sciences as well as classical humanistic fields. This is yet another subject I wish I had more time for. Having always been fascinated by Japanese culture, I hope one day I'll get the chance to go and visit.

Anyway, I came across this video and my kids and I really enjoy it. The song is by the very talented Hikaru Shirosu. I've listened to it many times and can actually sing along, sorta. My accent is probably horrendous, but I'm shiawasena! :D

And you know what? 
A haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. 
Sooooo, if you're feeling extra creative today . . . 

Write a short haiku
leave it in my comment box
promise no laughing



  1. Okay, you asked for it.

    Blogging A to Z
    Writing,commenting, hello
    Pleased to visit all

  2. I visited Japan a few years ago with my husband and we really enjoyed the trip. We'd like to go back there someday.

  3. I'm a huge fan of Japanese culture. Definitely should look into this.

  4. My dear friend Elise
    My haiku writing is poor
    But your blog is great

    (I'm not even sure I did that right, but oh well :) )

  5. These posts are a joy
    my heart quickens every day
    to learn, grow, expand

    (That has got to be my very 1st haiku.)

    1. Thank you. (:
      And I'm impressed over your very first haiku!
      It's very well written.

  6. I struggled to watch the video properly because it kept cutting out...
    An interesting clip (from a musical point of view... enjoyed the illustrated notation and the key changes as the song progressed...)

    Simple melody
    Vocabulary lesson
    Learned a lot today!

    1. Simple haiku is very lovely!
      Thanks Michelle (:

  7. Sorry, I am not feeling creative enough, but I do like the word. I wonder if there is one like that for every country - NewZealandology??

    Visiting from AtoZ #41

  8. I've always found japanese culture fascinating. So different to what we have over here.

    Moody Writing

  9. Love the video and the drawing.

  10. I used to live there. It's a beautiful country. I hope you do get to visit.

  11. Truly is a crime
    These things do not rhyme
    But are still sublime

  12. Rain. deep, suffocating my soul.
    Grey; a haze of light, shadowed. Gone.
    In the end? A rainbow.

  13. I'm with you on wishing there was more time to learn about this. Maybe when the kiddos are in college, I'll delve into it.

    Here's my attempt at haiku:
    If I had to choose
    You would be top blogger girl
    Adorbs kind cool you

    Did I even do that right? LOL

  14. 5-7-5 lets try this, shall we.

    Maybe if we all knew
    How to write a properly written Haiku
    It might be easier to do

    Ugh... ;)
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  15. Instead of writing my own terrible haiku. I will give you one of my favorites by Natsume Soseki.

    Over the wintry
    forest, winds howl in rage
    with no leaves to blow.

  16. Thanks everyone for stopping in today.
    You guys rock the haikus! :D

  17. Your picture at the bottom is super beautiful! Have I mentioned how jealous I am of your many talents? Love you!

  18. I love the picture.

    I have to be in the mood to create poetry. I sorta did one for my Wednesday post. Right now the well's dry. :-)

  19. You create some of the best original art. Love it. She's have a zen moment. I need that right now.

  20. "Do itashimashite, Elise san. O genki de irashaimasu ka?"

    I was doing a little Japanology just last week when I watched "Memoirs of a geisha." I'd never seen the show and just stumbled across it on STARZ. I figured what the hell, it looks interesting.

    What a riveting movie. Boy girls and women in general sure had it difficult in feudal Japan. The culture is amazing but all of that art and the selling of one's virginity to the highest bidder is horrifying.

  21. Hah! I actually knew what Arigatuo meant, thanks to the series Showgun. Remember that one. I learned snips of Japanese then.

  22. Sounds like a fascinating subject to me.

  23. I finally got one right by the title! I like to guess the study based on the track record is horrible. Jeopardy isn't going to be calling me!

  24. I've always found haiku interesting. I love learning about Japan and its culture, so I really liked reading this post.

  25. Also wrote of Japan. I was able to visit Japan in the 70's and enjoyed the trip so much, It is a beautiful place to visit.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  26. Words seen on paper
    emotions growing
    eyes moist, crying.

    Is that a haiku?

    1. I've always done haiku as 5 7 5 syllable per line respectively for a total of 17 syllables. However, I'm no haiku expert but I do know there are variations depending on whether you're counting in traditional Japanese style or English. So the short answer to your question is, I don't know. However, I think it's a lovely poem, one I can relate to. (;

  27. Wanted to try out a haiku on you, but haven't got a minute all day.
    Love your cartoon.

  28. I can't write poems
    It's like sneezing on the screen
    A tissue for you.

  29. I took three years of Japanese during high school. I enjoyed the language, even was the Japanese Club President. Could I speak it at all after the three years? Nope. And what I could speak was lost when I learned Chinese and lived in Taiwan for over a year. A shame, really.

  30. So whats the word for the study of studying? OLOGYOlOGY? :)

  31. Interesting culture. Another place I wish I could go.

  32. I loved this! The video was wonderful. Like a lullaby that teaches you Japanese. This was fun and it went along beautifully with my post today :)


  33. Japan is probably the one place in Asia I would love to visit. I'm not big on sushi though, so I might not survive :D

  34. What a fun theme. My A to Z theme only offered up one choice for J, too. I was much less excited about my forced hand than you were. :-)

    A to Z Challenge:
    lots of fun but sometimes tough.
    Willpower a must!

    Best of luck with the A to Z challenge,

  35. I love Japan. So sad that the earthquake/tsunami caused so many problems. Japan has such awesome food and culture.

    small island culture
    rich in oceanic delight
    crushed by geo-storm

  36. Sniffs lawn so fondly
    Needs set in
    Lawn green yellows

    Pawsitive wishes, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  37. I suck at haikus
    But I'll try to write this one
    to comment with flair

    Tamara~Behind these Pages

  38. coolios, el :)

    how about: junkology? you know, the study of the crap that accumulates in a home over time, and soon gets to be so huge you have to move to a bigger home just to store it all!

  39. Japan is lonely
    Not as fun as anime
    All work and no play

    I spent a year in Japan and it's true! Everyone works so much they barely get to see each other. It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL place to visit, not so much to live and work.


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