Friday, 29 March 2013

Weather: You Crazy Girl

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, 
I hope you have a great weekend, 
preferably without the snow, 
unless you're weird and like that sort of thing.
See ya Monday. 


  1. Hi Elise .. we had a snow flurry yesterday - but there's lots of snow up north ... even London had snow still when I was there on Tuesday ...

    Keep warm and let the kids run around looking for chocolate ... Happy Easter - Hilary

  2. Hey E! We're experiencing beautiful Autumn weather at the moment. Not too hot, not too cold!
    Great pics!
    Have a great weekend!
    See you Monday morning!

  3. Happy Easter! We had another freeze warning here and I might have lost my tomato plant. We should be running around in shorts already.

  4. The weather is always so up and down in March! Happy Easter, Elise.

  5. I'm weird and would like that thing!!!
    No snow, just really cold for this time of year. (Mini-Alex will be warm though - you'll see why today.)
    Have a wonderful Easter, Elise.

  6. We have sleet that isn't laying at the moment. Cupboards are full, hubby has four days off, so we're going to batten down the hatches and chill all weekend, alcohol and chocolate might play a part as well. Have a great long weekend.

  7. use only white easter eggs in snow! ;) lmfao

    we're to get rain for sunday - about +12C... :P

  8. Not weird that way, as snow is blah at my bay. Happy easter to you too

  9. 61 degrees here at the moment. Love your pics.

    Have a happy Easter. :)

  10. Elise, hi--great pics! Thanks for sharing :D And I hope you have a fabulous weekend, as well!

  11. I hope we've seen the last of snow. I am so done with winter!

  12. Never had snow for Easter, but we've had frost the past few mornings. It's going to freeze all of those Easter eggs.

  13. *crosses fingers* we've been snow-free for almost a week and I'm praying it keeps up! It's time for some better weather! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  14. It's raining here, but at least its not cold. I'm bummed because we are having a birthday party for my son tomorrow and we planned on heading out to the Paintball Park. Still some hope, but getting plan B ready just in cases. :)

  15. That's a nice little chick and green egg. I do prefer the rainbow and sun than snow but to be honest, it doesn't snow in Mexico City. Happy Easter.

  16. It's 50 degrees this morning, down in Florida, but I'm sure it'll warm up late :)

    At least we won't have the snow to contend with. Have a very happy Easter and see you Monday! :)

  17. Great pictures-- we're FINALLY getting a thaw, but it may not be the last of our snow yet. Have a great weekend. :)

  18. Hmmm. I see your hard boiled Easter eggs are gonna be frozen and extra hard! The poinsettia looks kinda sad, too. Oh well, at least there'll be chocolate to make you all feel better! :-)

  19. Happy Easter, Elise. :)

  20. Amazingly, in the south west coast of British Columbia, we have no snow, but in our prairie and eastern provinces, we do (someone in Montreal told me so. That's why I'm a west coast woman.

    Happy Easter to you Elise, and I'll be watching your blog for the ...'ologies'. Should be interesting. I will be lurking on my fave blogs during the A to Z, and your is one of those.

  21. Wonderful pictures, Elise. Footprints in the snow. Thanks for sharing!

  22. ...enjoy your Easter, Elise! Expecting a day in the 50's, not bad for Ohio ;)


  23. Hi Elise,

    Ah yes, don't you and I both know about this bizarre 'spring' we are getting. This has been the coldest March in 50 years in Britain. Last March was one of the hottest and then they declared "a drought". Predictably, after that, it never stopped raining...or snowing.

    Enjoy the Easter weekend, Elise. And on Farcebook, I've put up a picture of a snow dude in my garden :)

    Gary :)

  24. Jamaica so no snow for me. Love the talking to bird pic. Happy Easter.

  25. Happy Easter Elise!

    I love your photos :D

    No snow in North Carolina, but
    we are behind-spring wise.

    Cherry blossoms bloom in March, no confetti cheer-just yet!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  26. And a very happy Easter to you and yours!

  27. The snow stayed away today but keep expecting it to come back. Hope you had fun.


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