Thursday 21 March 2013

Just A Click Away: The Big Reveal

Thanks to Goth Mom, Mina Lobo and David Macaulay for co-hosting The Big Reveal, a hop-within-a-hop. Today we're revealing our themes for the A-Z Challenge. To find out what everyone else is revealing, click here. wow, that kinda sounds kinky. 

My theme this year: 


For the month of April, I want to celebrate all those crazy people who research the most interesting, bizarre, and obscure things in this world.  Did you know there is a science of stupidity? People actually study stupidity. I'm thinking these researchers are geniuses. Looking at how the world is turning out, they'll always have an endless supply of material to pull from. Just turn on the TV and you'll see what I mean. :p Anyway, this field of study is called . . . _ology. Ha! You'll have to come back in April to find out! Plus, I'll be keeping my posts pretty short this year, I'm talking Matthew MacNish A-Z 2012 short. (; 

Ok, I guess I better go sign up for this bloghop now. I did everything backwards today. *checks shirt*


  1. I've been trying to do my posts in advance and keep them short but can't help rambling on and on. Like the idea for your posts.

  2. Will you reveal any of their findings? I'd like to know the percentage of stupid people who say the phrase "Hey ya'll, watch this!"
    Good theme, Elise!

  3. Endless supply, indeed :)

    Your theme sounds very interesting, looking forward to reading your posts!

  4. There is a research team for everything. I bet someone researches snail snot.

  5. Ok, now I must know this ____ology! :) There is an abundance of stupidity in this world and I just shake my head at it. :) Sounds interesting. I'll be sure to stop by!

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)

  6. LOL studying stupidity, damn there is one career that will never run dry.

  7. Great theme, Elise! I'm prone to stupidity. Maybe reading your posts about the study of it will help me. :)

  8. Sounds like a very original theme, you have chosen to enlighten us with during the challenge! Looking forward to it!

  9. This sounds great! I look forward to reading all the _ologies. My favorite _ology is paleontology, which is the focus of my A to Z challenge posts!

  10. I think this is the most amazingly unique theme I've found so far! definitely back for your "study cases"

  11. You crack us up! We'll be stopping by to read your posts for sure!

  12. What a great theme! I'm looking forward to it. :)

  13. I like your theme! And I'm trying to keep my posts short, too, though a couple were hard!

  14. That's terrific Elise. I certainly wouldn't miss this for the world. Love the ologies. :)

  15. I need all the ology help I can get. No, Seriously. ;)

  16. I love this theme! Ologies are awesome :D

  17. Mood: I rather enjoy your ramblings. (:

    Alex: Seeing how stupidity is never ending, trying to quantify it would be like trying to find the exact value π.

    Mark: Thanks Mark. Right back atcha!

    Diane: Actually . . . (;

    Writebackwards: Thanks LadyJai! Stupidity is an abundant force that has a strong following unfortunately, lol! Glad to meet you via A-Z

    Pat: No kidding! :D

    Jackie: Being an expert on it myself, I do not believe you fit the criteria for stupidity. Sorry. (;

    Carolyn: I can't wait. A-Z is going to be great. (=

    Penny: I love meeting other ologists. Your theme is going to be great!

    Adriana: Thank you Adriana! I hope you'll enjoy it, looking forward to seeing you in class. (;

    Dani Jax: Thanks ladies!! =)

    Melissa: Thanks Melissa! (:

    Mshatch: It was really hard for me too, I tend to ramble so this was actually good practice for me. (:

    Al: Thanks Al, hope I won't disappoint! :)

    Dani: LOL! Don't we all! (:

    Maple: Thanks! There are some pretty funny and crazy ologies out there! Nice to meet you. (:

  18. like inventions... some of the weirdest stuff!

    Jeremy [Retro] #66
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host
    Oh No, Let's Go... Crazy

  19. Excellent idea! I'm doing encyclopedia big of a lazy cheater am I?

  20. I should do this blog hop. My A to Z theme is the Clone Wars.

  21. April is going to be such fun! Excellent idea, can't wait!

  22. Hi Elise .. I shall definitely enjoy your ...ologies - great, excellent idea Mrs Scientist! Cheers Hilary

  23. Good theme. And there's no end to stupid, so studying it is job security. Brilliant. :)

  24. Great theme! And I definitely appreciate short. :)

  25. Sounds like lots of fun, Michelle. I'll be stopping in frequently.

    1. Uh-oh! Joy has mixed up the blogs...
      I like your theme E! There's a never-ending supply of stupidity in this world.

  26. Jeremy: I like weird. Glad you stopped by! :D

    Elizabeth: No, I'd call you someone with exceptional natural capacity of intellect-a genius!

    Michael: I was hoping you'd do another fetish type theme. :P

    Charity: :D

    Yolanda: Me too!

    Hilary: Thanks you Hilary! I just hope I can finish all the posts in the 10 days that are left!

    L.G. I know! I thought so too. We'd never get employment studying smart people.

    Christine: Yes, short is good, except whey you're playing basketball.

    Joy: I sure hope so! (=

    Michelle: No worries, I've been called worse. (; Actually, I like being called Michelle. All the cool girls are named Michelle.

  27. I'm backing into the A-Z reveal, too. I won't "reveal" until tomorrow. I'm looking forward to finding out what that -ology word is!

  28. Hi Elise,

    You can relax now. Yes, I'm finally here with one of my eagerly anticipated, much loved, treasured, cherished and highly collectable comments. Or something like that! :)

    Ah yes all those ologies. That will be interesting to see. Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar studied canineology at the Jack Russellian Institute.

    Have fun with the A to Zed! We shall be satirising it. In the nicest of ways, of course!

    Your starstruck fan,

    Gary :)

  29. That's such a fun idea for Blogging A to Z... I think your posts would reveal all sorts of quirky anthropological stuff about our culture. I wonder if there's a word for the study of social media and blogging.

  30. This is a cool idea. I know there are actual science departments funded to study the many uses of pickles. Pickles! Can't wait to read your posts next month.

  31. Lord, just about anyone who has to deal with the public must be qualified in the study of stupidity! Dig the theme, Elise. :-)

  32. Awesome theme, Elise! Your AZ posts would rock!

  33. beano!

    ...last i checked, there were still 26 letters in the english alphabet - no clue how one gets to use one each day... for 30 days

  34. Fun! And short is perfect. I'm going for that as well. I'm trying to write the 1st ten before April 1st. Glad you joined the hop, even if you did it backwards:D

  35. Like the way you think. You've got a topic with an endless supply of things to say about it, but you plan to say a little bit each day! I mean, that's how you keep 'em coming back. :) I'm sure I will be.

  36. awesome theme!
    i'm excited to hear about all the ologies!

  37. How incredibly creative! I love this idea and look forward to following you through your challenge! :)


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