Monday 22 October 2012

Crazy Lady and Her Gothic Vamps Doll

I know this 35 year old crazy lady that recently bought herself a toy doll not too long ago. She'll remain nameless because well, she's crazy. Anyway, every time crazy lady goes into a toy store, she ends up buying something for herself. Crazy, I know! I heard the last time she went in the toy store she came out with an overpriced Darth Vader Lego key chain whose feet light up when you press his belly. Seriously, so immature. 

Anyway, crazy lady did it again. She went to buy her friend's four year old daughter a birthday present and came out with the strangest thing, A Gothic Vamps doll. I heard she kept mumbling something about it being a steal at over half off the original price. Now, I don't know much about these dolls, but they're apparently part of a series dressed in Gothic attire with vampire inspired make-up. The store was discontinuing the series because they weren't selling and crazy lady snatched the last one.  I can just imagine the conversation between crazy lady and the cashier...

"Would you like the doll gift wrapped, madame?"
"Oh no merci, it's for me."  

So because I'm a curious creature, I went to crazy lady's house and asked her directly if she really bought the doll for herself. She smiled at my question and welcomed me inside. Not only did she admit to buying the doll, but she also pulled it out of a large black and bright pink box to show me. Crazy lady was crazy, but she turned out to be pretty nice as well. I then asked her why she bought it and the strangest conversation ensued:

     "Well Elise," she said picking the doll off the table. "I bought her for many reasons. First, I love her bold and dramatic make-up. From her blood red lips to her striking blue and pink sparkly winged eyeshadow and thick black eye liner. Then there's her hair. She has Merida hair, only blond. And feel how soft it is." She put the doll in my hands and I felt the thick tight curls of hair. She was right, it was super soft and smelled like vanilla. "The other thing I love are her eyes." I looked back at the dolls face and the eye lids opened to large round black irises framed with fabulous thick lashes. "I'm so tired of blond haired dolls with blue eyes, you know?" I nodded in agreement but wasn't quite convinced yet. "Now, look at her clothes. She's got a Gothic style that's also playful with the red flared skirt, little black bows, and high collar of her plunging V neck white blouse. She also has these cute little accessories." She pointed to the necklace and leather bracelet to make sure I noticed. "And of course, how can you not like the dragon tattoo in the middle of her chest! Barbie never had a tattoo like that when I was growing up." I giggled at the image of a tattooed goody two-shoes Barbie that bubbled in my head. The dragon tattoo on this doll was risqué but it went well with the overall ensemble. Crazy lady took the doll out of my hands and lifted the doll's skirt. "She also has a real proportioned waist, real thighs and a cute little belly that pooches out. Nothing like some of these ultra thin and long legged body types I see on other kinds of girl dolls. And as if that wasn't enough, she has black leather and lace underwear, black lace thigh-high stockings and black thigh-high leather boots!" (O_O) I forced a smile because frankly, staring up a dolls skirt was a bit weird even for me, but at the same time, crazy lady was right. The doll didn't have a freakishly thin body figure. And she did have black leather underwear.     

     "I agree there are some things cool about this doll," I said, taking it out of crazy lady's hands and smoothing down the doll's skirt. "But for one, she can't stand on her own feet and two, the plastic feels like a low grade material." I tapped my finger on the plastic to make a telling hollow thud sound. "And why is only her face painted a bleach white vampire color. What about the rest?" I said.

     "Because Elise, she's not a real vampire," crazy lady replied. "And I don't care if she can't stand by herself, I'm going to place her in a doll stand. I'm not actually going to play with her, you know." 

Later on that afternoon while driving back home, I thought about my conversation with crazy lady and realized she wasn't all that crazy. Maybe she was a tad lonely and a bit eccentric, but not crazy. Plus, it was so sweet of her to give me the doll. But I think I'll wait a few years before I give it to my daughter. (;  

See the +6 on the bottom of the box? That looked weird to me too.
I'll have to ask crazy lady about that next time I see her. Call
me old fashioned, but no way would I ever give this to a 6 year old, 
or even to a 10 year old!


So what do you think about crazy lady's doll? When was the last time you were given a toy or bought yourself one from the toy store? (:  


  1. Definitely not for anyone under three!
    And I go to the guitar store and buy something for myself all the time - that IS my toy store.

  2. Hey,

    Thankfully I only have to go to the boys side of the store, but if I did have to go to the girls side, I would ask crazy lady to hook me up with one of these... can you imagine the trouble Vamp would cause in the middle of a Barbie clique :)

    Too funny :)

  3. Wow, what a doll! Teddy bears are my thing, a bit more cuddly than your vamp doll. Great pictures.

  4. Well, Elise, I gave up dolls a long time ago, but I do have a good friend who still buys and collects them. And I bet this is one she would absolutely love. ;-)

  5. I want that Darth Vader Lego key chain... er, I mean, I know another crazy lady that would LOVE that key chain. :D

  6. I have a Lego key chain! You are never too old for Lego. Never!

  7. The craziest thing about this is that the doll is for 6+. Really?

  8. I'll admit that it's a neat looking doll, but would I ever give it to a six year old? No and I definitely would not give it to a four year old. The eyes are cool though :)

  9. You're never too old for legos or Vader! Love the doll!

  10. I think she's cute, but, yeah, I'd have some reservations about giving her to a wee one.

  11. Not my style but she is a cute doll.

    Last time I was in a toy store I bought a Dragon and a Barbie type doll which I made an outfit for and her and my dragon share shelf space. Let's see...a Yatzee game, some toy cars. Cool matchbox style. :-)

  12. Alex: That definitely counts! Wish I could play guitar, though I used to be good on the kazoo...

    Mark: You should have seen the look on Barbie's face when I picked up this doll and bought her. Priceless.

    Sally: Teddy bears are great to cuddle up to, I've got a few of them too. (;

    Linda: I used to have a porcelain cat collection that I secretly believed was more my mother's collection than mine.

    Jackie: It's such a cool key chain! (=

    Wayne: High 5!

    Southpaw: Maybe it's a French thing...? :P

    Samantha: I know, not cool for a 6 year old.

    Sara: Yeah! I feel better now. (:

    J.L.: Maybe if I dressed her in some other kinds of clothes...(:

    Sia: Sounds like you have some fun toys at your place! Thanks for stopping in. (:

  13. nice try... figgered all along YOU bought the thing, then made up the tale of the "crazy lady" [who is yerownself] in an attempt to cover your tracks! :P

    buy her a BLACK wig, to be TRULY goth... and yes, i checked, in the LARGE view... you lied, again: those are NOT leather undies... ;)

    i know, i know... i'm perverted that way :P lol

    1. Oh snap! You got me Master Sleuth, it's pleather. And yes, you are a perverted wuff. :P

  14. idk, the doll is cute, but when you just see the head real close in the pics, it's a bit creepy...just don't show me this when i first wake up! :)

    1. Funny you mention that because I had a similar reaction at first...that's why she's staying downstairs, perfect for Halloween. (:

  15. That doll is NOT for anybody under 21 years... Lol
    I'm more a teddy-bear type of person.

  16. I like the sound of 'crazy lady' - someone I'd love to sit down with and have a coffee, a slice of cake (or something equally delicious) and chat about anything and everything. My kind of lady :)

  17. Michelle: LOL! I'm a big a teddy-bear person too. The softer and fluffier, the better. (:

    Mark: Coffee, cake and good company...I think crazy lady would love that too. (;

    1. Actually, maybe this is a 'crazy' thought, but... is crazy lady your alter ego, Elise? I'm thinking she might be. Hmmm?

  18. I'm with Laughingwolf-she needs raven black hair to be a proper Goth. Also, that eye shadow clashes with her outfit. Apart from these, I think she's pretty groovy, though there's no way I'd have any doll in any domicile of mine, 'cause they be all creepy and whatnot. Maybe the 6 refers to the number in the series of dolls?
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