Tuesday, 24 July 2012

All I Want is a Room Somewhere...

If you could have one special place all to yourself where you could take along only your writing materials and a few precious books, where would you go? If money or circumstance weren't an issue, where would your macro writing universe be? 


I'd be up a tree. If I had the money, time and the physical strength, I'd build myself a cabin perched near the canopy. Over the last few years I've seen amazing tree houses built around the world. Many of them have sprung up to attract the ecotourist, but some are simply built for personal use. My perfect writing bubble would be in a tree house. No cell phone, no tv, no distractions.  Inside, the cabin would wrap around the central trunk and thick branches would pierce through one wall and disappear out the other. I'd have a simple desk and desk lamp (yes it would have electricity), a small table and a couple chairs, a bed with white linens, a ton of pillows and a wrap around book shelf. I'd even put in a pluming system, it's my dream so what the heck.  I'd also make sure the structure didn't require driving screws into the tree or compromise it in any shape or form.

Here are a couple images scanned from one of my books to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. But a simple Google search of tree houses will bombarded you with amazing images of modern and highly conceptualized tree top cabins as well as very simple and calming canopy getaways. *sighs longingly*

Source: ViVons Perchés, Laurens, Dufour, André, Thfoin; Editions de La Martinière;  2006

Source: ViVons Perchés, Laurens, Dufour, André, Thfoin; Editions de La Martinière;  2006

Or maybe just the bed for days when you'd rather do something else...(;
Source: ViVons Perchés, Laurens, Dufour, André, Thfoin; Editions de La Martinière;  2006

So what's your dream? Where would your secrete writing place be if you could go anywhere?    


  1. If the space is too comfortable, you might not get any work done. But a tree house, I'd never thought of. It's definitely an ideal room.

  2. well... a tree house just became that place for me. So AWESOME!!!!

  3. As soon as you asked I knew the place I would want to be, but the tree house thing is making me have second thoughts! Anyway, I'm currently obsessed with having a little cottage in the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina, near Boone. I'd have a meadow, and a little brook, and I'd get to ski in winter. (Sigh, a girl can dream!)

  4. Oh wow those are some incredible pics! A tree house would be a fantastic writing spot, especially with lots of bookshelves :)

  5. I bet you'd be counting all the tree bugs and cataloguing all of them in between reading and writing. Hope you have a supply of something stronger up there for relaxation as well.

  6. Richard: It may not be ideal for everyone (like those afraid of heights) but I'd make it work for me.

    Cristina: Yes! Isn't it! (:

    Rose: Honey, I love your name! A little cabin in the Appalachian would be amazing. Now think of that cabin in a huge tree just over that brook of yours.... (I'll come visit). (:

    Meradeth: Yes, lots of bookshelves would be a must! (:

    Sally: ROFL! You're starting to know me pretty well. :D

  7. I don't really think I'd want a writing place any different than the room my p.c. sits in. It's just a non-descript office with a window in an apartment building.

  8. A tree house would be pretty cool. I would want a space on a mountain. Surrounded by trees and really cool jutting rocks. With a lake not to far away. Rose! That was the exact area I was thinking of! It's so pretty up there!

  9. That second image with that large, lovely bed looks sooooo inviting...I can see how it would be an appealing space in which to sle--uh, I mean, work. ;-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  10. Michael: Different strokes for different folks. (:

    S.P. Bowers: That does sound wonderful!

    Mina: LoL. Caffeine would have to be added to the list of essentials. But you know what, I get a lot of my ideas when I'm about to go to sleep...so maybe not too much caffeine. (:

  11. Are you sure that you would get lots of writing done there? It looks extremely comfy, like one could simply curl up and become totally absorbed in one of the many books displayed on the wrap-around book shelf...
    It looks more conducive to relaxation and therapy, rather than constructivity... but writing is therapy too, so it fits the bill... not sure this spot would work for me, but it's awesome! To be honest, I haven't really thought about my ideal writing spot...
    The pics are beautiful... *sighs*

  12. I'd like to say that something as beautiful and rustic as a tree house would suit me - but I'm a bit less fun than that. What I think I'd want is a sound proof room somewhere "upstairs" (In my as-yet-un-owned mansion, perhaps?). Kind of like a tower with a high open ceiling!
    Windows on every wall (of course requiring a beautiful view of which I'm not too picky)! Between all those windows would be walls equipped for brainstorming! Whether they're chalk, or white boars, or rolls of paper - whatever - writable on! I'd have a great central air system that kept the room fresh like the outdoors - but without the allergens :p An open floor for dancing when I felt antsy - which of course requires an excellent sound system to accompany said . Lacy grandma curtains for when I was feeling distracted and didn't want to catch myself staring out the window every other minute. And of course, a mini fridge with non-guilty foods and water, so the kitchen couldn't beckon me away.
    Maybe something like that.

  13. Michelle: Compared to the craziness which is my life, I think I could get a ton of work done in a tree house. Plus, it's a place I could draw inspiration and clear my mind...(:

    D.V. Sheppard: Now you're talking! I like the dance space idea, but in a tree house I'd be short on space...humm I need to rethink my blueprints....maybe a couch that folds out into a bed. *strokes chin* (:

  14. Wow! A writing treehouse would be so awesome! I'd like one of those old fashioned attics where it's more like a room and you get there by stairs. I could have a little window to stare out at the sky while I'm pondering what to write next.

  15. What an interesting question for a post - it really got me thinking. I'd choose a house overlooking the Golden Gate in San Francisco. I think I'd like the climate and the people there, although I've never been.
    I love your pictures of treehouses! :-)

  16. I'd like a spacious, quiet room in a house overlooking rolling hills as far as the eye can see, my desk facing the window - no kids, no distractions.

    The closest I'm going to get right now is a landscape screensaver combined with the noise-cancelling headphones I ordered. LOL :D

  17. Cherie: And old fashion attic sounds great and a little creepy at the same time. Perfect for keep out distractions and noisy kids like mine!

    Lexa: I love San Francisco! I think that would be a great place to write.

    Melissa: Sounds nice. (: And you have noise-cancelling headphones? I could use one of them! lol!

  18. Oh my gosh! Can I choose a tree too??? Can I build my treehouse next to yours??? So magical!

  19. I've always wanted a tree house of my very own. But I would not build it nestled atop of the tree, but wrapped around the tree, embracing its living trunk. I wonder though? Would I keep it a 'Woman Free Zone'? Not sure? I think it would have to contain a reading chair, an old wireless (sod the internet), and telescope for staring up at the stars at night. It would have a rope ladder that could be drawn up to ensure privacy and safety from any wandering tigers and bears - oh my! ;)

    1. Sounds perfect. Love the telescope idea too. And the rope ladder is a must! And a small basked on a pulley system for bringing up supplies...(:


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