Wednesday 8 May 2013

Wip It Good Blogfest

DL Hammons over at Crusing Altitude 2.0 and I are happy to bring you a blogfest that's intended to spotlight your [W]ork [I]n [P]rogress. Our idea is to provide a forum on Friday, May 31st to allow anyone interested to give the blogosphere an avant-goût of your most recent WIP. We'll provide a few prompts to answer in your own post and give you an opportunity to solicite CP's (partners who exchange material for detailed critique--usually chapter by chapter) or Beta  Readers (test readers who read the entire manuscripts and offer broad opinions) if interested.

Here are prompts we'd like you to include:

  • WIP Title
  • Word Count (current and projected)
  • Genre
  • How long you've been working on manuscript
  • Elevator pitch line (if you came across an agent in an elevator, what couple of lines would you use to summarize your book)
  • Brief synopsis (250 words or less)
  • Are you looking for a CP
  • Are you looking for a Beta

Grab the badge up top, sign up on the linky tool below, and mark your calendar for May 31st while I channel a little Devo for you--and let's Wip It . . . Wip it Good . . . Wip it Real Good!



  1. I'm signed up, even though it's not my normal blogging day. I'll just switch my days around.

  2. Just saw it on DL's site. If I had something I was working on, I'd join! Right now my answers would all be blank...

  3. Don't have any to wip into shape yet, stupid arm is still crap, so until then, will just have to rhyme away at my den

  4. Love the idea of this! Totally signing up!

  5. Stina: Great!

    Alex: No problem.

    Rhyme away,
    Just don't go astray,
    Sorry about your arm,
    At least it doesn't affect your kitty charm. (:

    Meradeth: Awesome!

  6. Is it me, or does Elise look far too comfortable with that whip in her hand??? :)

  7. Sounds like a great hop to let people show off their work a bit. Can't wait to read the posts.

  8. Sounds like a great opportunity. I'm sure Alex will stop by and offer to plug it in his news thing he publishes. That way you'll get a lot more action on this sign-up thing.

  9. Can't join this one, as I've been lucky enough to get a mentor partnership going (with me as 'mentee'), so current work in progress is being reviewed by a published author of my writing org. It's a time limited deal.

    Good luck with the blogfest and I will come around to read and support those who do join. Elise, you do look quite comfortable with that whip (as DL noticed) in your hand. (Hubs always said I wanted a whip in one hand and a megaphone in the other.) That's when the kids were little. . .

  10. I'm waffling...mainly because I -have- a WIP, but I'm not doing much with it, at the moment.

    I would like to try to find a CP, though...hmmmm

  11. My WIP needs me to sit down and do something decent like working in it before even talk about it. I have 100 pages but it is plagued with holes.

  12. I bet I would be a lot more productive if I had you standing behind me with a whip. Do you hire out?

  13. I'll join, though I'm not sure I'll get any bites based on how long, complex, and intense my WIP is. Seriously, it's one of my doorstoppers.

  14. Okay, Elise, thanks for an idea I was about to post about. Although I haven't got any WIP (s) or CHAINS, I shall share this posting via the various social networks to hopefully spread the word on this blogfest. Are we not men? We are DEVO!

    Gary :)

  15. Love the picture! Hate elevator pitches. :) Signing up.

  16. awesome! I'm excited! THANK YOU!

  17. Hey,

    I did something like this last year, so I'm no longer WIP'ping - but GOOD LUCK with the BlogFest :)

  18. Don: I sleep with a whip under my pillow. I call her The Teacher. :P

    Julie: Thanks Julie. I hope it helps people find support and writing partners. (:

    Michael: That would definitely help if Alex plugged it.

    Elizabeth: Thanks, hon!

    D.G.: Good luck with your ms, that's awesome you've got a published author reviewing your work. And we appreciate the support. (: And I actually do have a real whip at my house. I tried practicing with it years ago and kept whipping the back of my calves with it! LOL Seems like I need more practice.

    Mark: Just do it. (;

    Al: Understandable. Though this can be a good motivator to whip your wip into shape. (;

    Sara: LOL. I guess if I can't make it as a writer, I can try my had as a wiper (?)

    Carry-Anne: You never know Carry. Glad you're on board. (:

    Gary: Thank you G! You're the best. But I don't believe you, I bet you have a whole collection of wips and chains ... (;

    Jessica: I hate elevator pitches too. I wouldn't write one if it wasn't for this bloghop. (;

    Azia: Yeah! Can't wait to read about everyone's projects.

    Sheena-kay: Great!

  19. Wish I were working on something right now, but I'm not. Sounds like a great opportunity for people who are.

  20. I am excited for this! Though, now that summer has begun, I have to decide which book to work on! AHAHA!!

  21. Richard: No problem. But you have time to sign up if something sparks your fancy and want to participate. (:

    Jo: LOL! Actually, I am a terrible speller.

    Ashley: Ahhh. . . decisions . . . decisions . . . can't wait to see what you decide. (:

  22. "When a novel comes must WIP it!" *bops head*


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