Tuesday 12 June 2012

Does Weather Affect your Writing?

Raindrops keep falling on my head,
and my deck...

For the last two week, it has rained.
The week before that, it rained.
Yesterday, it rained.
Today, it's raining. 
Tomorrow, guess what? Yep. It's gonna rain.

It's been raining here for what seems like months. It's not constant rain mind you, only scattered showers followed by torrential rains and  interrupted by a few moments of sunshine. The bits of sunshine serves one purpose-to tease and give false hope of a better day. Then, *boom* thunder clap, it's raining again rendering you borderline depressive. And not only is it raining all the damn time, it's also cold and windy. It's the middle of June and I've had to pull out the winter wool scarf, coat and boots. The only good thing about all this rain is I haven't had to water the vegetable garden. However, I am going to have to treat my tomato plants with Bordeaux mixture if this keeps up or I'll end up with rotting fruit like last year. Which may still end up happening. I'm good at gardening.

Anyway, many studies have been conducted over the years suggesting weather can affect ones mood in negative ways. There has been some back and forth as to what extent (ie, depression or the simple blues) but bottom line: 

Bad weather = Bad mood. 

And since I tend to be a tad on the sensitive side (read "I see dead people" no not really) then:

Bad weather = Bad mood = Bad (non-existent) writing. 

Here's my theory. And since I am a brilliant scientist beyond scope of human comprehension, the scientific method need not apply.

Extensive periods of rain generates disappointment 

Disappointment generates low self-esteem and lowers self-confidence 

Low self-confidence decreases writing on MS

And there you have it!

So, does the weather affect your writing? Do you live in an area where it rains a lot? How do you deal with bouts of bad weather? 

Note: if I find the tool that has been doing the rain dance all this time I'm going to break off his legs and beat him with the stubs. Huh? Seems extensive periods of rain also makes me crazy. (;


  1. haha! I'm sorry about your weather. We get weather like that too but being British, I think I'm just used to it. We have bizarre weather patterns every year.

    I don't think writing especially affects my writing but I tend to write fairly dark stuff so I find that miserable weather makes me more creative. And I like nothing more than to be writing while there is a thunderstorm. I guess I'm just weird.

    I had to wear a jumper yesterday (shock!) and then today I had to do the unthinkable, I got my winter coat out too! Plus, I kinda forgot yesterday that it's summertime right now!

  2. It is winter here in Cape Town where I live and that is our rainy season. We have just had a week of torrential rain and cold. And yes, it makes me want to curl up in front of the fire with a book written by someone else, a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. Not conducive to writing.

  3. ...our friendly neighborhood weather girl indeed holds all the cards ;)

    It's funny though, I actually write better when rain drops pelt the rooftop, creating the perfect storm of white noise ;) That's me...strange brew.


  4. Well, living in Scotland, I certainly live in an area with a lot of rain... like Kamille, I'm just used to it. When it's miserable, I do quite like putting layers of clothing on and feeling cosy while I'm writing. Of course, we have had a LOT of snow the last few winters and I find that really romantic and inspiring (of course, more so if you don't have to go anywhere!)

    That said, I hope you get a decent bout of sunshine soon! I have found that when it rains in France, it's with a vengeance. I've been in tents that got completely flooded out.

  5. The weather *does* affect me! But exactly opposite---sunny weather totally depresses me and dampens my writing. If it's raining, or overcast, I'm sooooo inspired... Funny!

  6. I don't think the weather affects my writing. Of course I'm in Florida with air conditioning in summer and heat in winter. So, it doesn't matter too much what's going on outside my house. Inside stays pretty much the same year-round.

  7. Kamille: Is it summertime already? I can see how miserable weather can be inspiring and it can be for me too. A few days of rain and thunder storms are fine, but what gets me are the prolonged stretches of bad weather (cold, wind and rain) during a time when it should be sunny and warm.

    Gwynneth: Sorry about the rainy season, but you live in Cape Town! :D And hot chocolate sounds lovely right about now....

    Elliot: "Strange brew," (: I think a nice storm can and does set the mood, but trying to write when the weather is bad over long periods of time is difficult for me.

    Nick: I think there is a lot to be said about getting accustomed to the weather. What gets me is a sudden change that lasts several weeks, it makes it that much harder to get used to.

    Morgan: Outlier. (: J/K, A day or two of bad weather can be inspiring for me too, but weeks on end makes me a little crazy.

    Richard: It would be interesting to see if any changes occurred to your writing during a bout of bad weather. But like you said you live in sunny Florida so chances are slim. (:

  8. There's a reason France makes some of the best vin du table :)

    I actually miss the cold, depressing rainy weather of "back home."

    (OK, that's a *complete* lie... :)

    PS... Check out my June 13 post whenever you can... I awarded you something, but it's NOT the European Cup !!! :)~

  9. We've been getting a lot of rain lately too. But I love rain. Honestly rain makes me happy. I like to listen to sound of it and cuddle up with a book or computer and work, by a window of course.

    Unfortunately my toddlers get cabin crazy if we can't go out and do things and that makes me too frazzled to write.

  10. Mark: Thank you!! I guess we're just gonna have to bring home the European Cup the old fashioned way...by stealing it. (;

    S.P. Bowers: I'm starting to think I'm the outlier now! lol. But I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets frazzled when the kids are cooped up in the house. (:

  11. I only really like writing during the winter. Right now it is so sunny and beautiful and warm out that I just could not concentrate in front of a computer. I do hope that your summer kicks in soon. I'm glad I don't have all that rain around me to bring down my mood.

  12. Bad weather does affect me. I try to use that to my advantage though, If I'm in a bad mood or feeling sad, I try to write a scene in which my character is also feeling that way. Do they have tanning beds in France? :)

  13. Well, here is a lot of rain lately, too ... but honestly, it hasn't bothered me much ... yet. I've been to busy with all sorts of things and my writing isn't in the best shape right now anyway. But if it keeps being rainy like that for a few days longer, I'll definitely will sink into a very bad mood.

  14. Writing when it is raining outside my window actually makes me more productive. I tend to want to get up and out when the sun is shining. I feel sorry for the rain man when you find him. *wink*

    New follower

  15. Rainy weather usually kicks my creative centers in gear. However, this time around it has not. I think it is that here too is all been rain, nothing else to break it up.

  16. Michael: I think I do better when the weather corresponds to the season. The problem I have right now is that it's June but the weather is unseasonably cold (in the 50's F) and has been for almost a month. I should be in shorts and a T-shirt but instead, I'm bundled up like it's November in Virginia.

    Jessica: I like drawing inspiration from the weather too sometimes. But as it seems right now, the weather has been so bad I'm about to drown all my characters in a freak boating accident. (;

    Treelight: Well keep busy and I hope the weather breaks up on your end soon. If you see the sun, would you tell it to head a bit further south for me? (:

    Sabrina: Hi Sabrina, thanks for stopping in and for the follow! I like to spend my time outside when the weather is nice, I just bring my laptop with me. And yes, feel sorry for the rain man...feel very, very sorry for him. (;

    Southpaw: That's what bugs me too, long extended periods of cold rainy weather without any breaks. I need to learn the sun dance....

  17. I can't say the weather impacts my writing. However, rainy day kind of music can inspire all sorts of sufferings for my characters.

    1. Hi Rebecca, thanks for stopping by! Yes, I absolutely agree, dark kinds of music can and does inspire me too. And what's good about music is you can turn it on/off when you want, unlike the weather. (:

  18. The weather doesn't effect my writing. I do with my moods and I couldn't tell you why. Cool post.

    1. Thanks Mina, wish I could have a weather block instead of a writers block...

  19. Rain completely depresses me! I can take a day or two, but days on end makes me start to lose it a little. :) As far as affecting my writing- I have the great fortune to live in a sunny place now. Whew! Glad I moved. You could go a long time without seeing the sun in my last state.

  20. Sometimes. I'm inspired by different things in the summer and winter, for example; though when it comes to rain, I actually like it when there are stretches of it over a few days. The area really doesn't need more of it thanks to flooding in 2011, but I like the rain. :P

  21. Honey: Can I move to your state? (;

    Golden Eagle: Another rain lover lol! I only like rain over a period of a few days. Long stretches of it makes me moody. (:

  22. I love that song, thanks for posting it. I live in So. Cal., so I don't get much rain, but life stressors completely throw off my writing days. You know, things like bills, dinner, laundry, etc. Last fall I went on a cruise and had some of my BEST writing days. If only I could have someone cooking and cleaning for me everyday (sigh).

    1. Hi Jenn, you are so lucky to live in So. Cal! And I hear you about the everyday stressors that can bring down the writing muse, it has been difficult for me lately and a cruise would be WONDERFUL! (:

  23. I rather enjoy rain, but not for long periods of time. I live in an area the has all four seasons--fall and spring sort of get skipped over though. I can only handle so much snow and so much rain then I like it to be sunny and happy. I agree with you that the weather does effect my mood. I'd say warm weather makes me not want to write more than cold weather. I like to be outside when it's warm.

    Anyway, hope the rain stops. Keep your chin up! :D

  24. I don't think weather affects my writing.
    But extremely cold weather does make me less active, not in a lazy way, but in the sense that I want to curl up in one spot... remember we are spoiled with good weather my side of the globe... so I don't do cold weather very well.

    I love that song: raindrops keep falling on my head - it has such a feel-good quality and reminds me of the days when there was no TV, and we listened to radio. Now you've made me think of other rain songs...
    Have You Ever Seen The Rain by CCR.
    It's Raining Men.
    I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone.

  25. Julia: Thanks Julia. We also get the four seasons and I enjoy watching the weather change. But long periods of rain does get to me. Luckily I think next week we should be seeing some sun....I hope. (:

    Michelle: Those are some other great rain songs! You've got It's Raining Men bouncing in my head now....love it! Like you, I don't do cold weather much either. In the winter, I'll sleep with a hot water bottle!

  26. I love an awesome thunderstorm at night! Lightning, thunder, rain, wind, the awesome crack of a large tree branch being severed from the trunk by lightning then crashing to the ground. Now that's great writing weather!


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