The Insubordinate

“This is your last test. Pass, and you will escape the Recycle Mines.” Images of children forced to work the mines haunted my thoughts. I’d do anything to avoid that kind of punishment. 
I nodded, keeping my eyes to the horizon. I knew better than to look directly at the Culperion.

On the bridge, is a human child. Do you see him?” Focusing my mind, I activated the artificial photoreceptors in my right eye. The bridge was miles away, but the target and his mother came into view as if they were at arms length. 

I nodded again.

“Blow the bridge.”

Instead of charging with heat, my hands went cold. Did I hear him correctly? 

“Obey subordinate! Blow the bridge, now!”

Adrenalin filled tears rushed from my eyes. My hands charged with white heat. I took aim. The bridge... I knew what I had to do. I released an 
energy flare taking out both support beams. The bridge began to collapse. I immediately released a second blast, the water cone. It funnelled through the air encapsulating the humans. A scraped knee and wet hair among the concrete rubble is all they would endure. I however, would suffer for my insubordination. 

Post date: March 5, 2012. My second entry in Rachael's flash fliction Campaigner Challenge. Text in green were prompts.

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