Shadows Crept Across the Wall

Shadows crept across the wall releasing a sudden chill that ran down my spine like an icy six-footed demon. Shifting into alert mode, I grounded to the earth and charged my palms with energy. Pulsating blood coursed through my veins as heat rose by degrees through my fingers. I hadn't felt like this in centuries and yet, my body knew exactly how to react, never failing me and never showing mercy. The sickening chill continued in repeating waves through out my body, intensifying with each passing second. Whoever was coming was either suicidal or had a death sentence. I just hoped it wasn't a neophyte because this was not going to be pretty. He was now close, I could taste the fear and perverted excitement saturate the room. My teeth clenched as my eyes continued to sweep my surroundings realizing he was not alone. My senses counted eleven closing in. The twelfth was missing. Damn, where is he? I pushed my minds eye further out but could not locate number twelve.

"The Hunter wants you back." The voice came from behind me. This was no neophyte.

"Number twelve," I murmured. "Tell him to go to Hell." 


Then everything faded.


Post date: Feb. 24, 2012. Rachael Harrie's Campaigner Challenge

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