Lightning Flashed

Lightning flashed in her eyes as she unsheathed her crystal flyssa. It was time to start killing monsters.

She stood completely relaxed with a loose grip around the hilt of her elegant sword. She let the razor sharp tip flirt with the ale soaked tavern floor as she sized up her opponents. It was a cocky stance, but after 200 years of battling ghouls and their bastard hybrids, an on guard stance would be a waste of energy. Besides, she wanted to have a little fun tonight, it’s not like anyone was waiting for her at home.

Her first move—flawless. Dropping on one knee and spinning 180 degrees, the flyssa cut through the air on a horizontal plane slicing across the soft underbelly of a charging ghoul. Shrieks filled the air as entrails tumbled to the floor. Two attackers immediately charged from either side. She sidestepped the first hitting the ghoul with the back of the hilt and with a reverse cut, sliced the other’s head clean off. Thump. Then, another ghoul came at her on the left. No time for fancy footwork, a quick shuffle step and an over the head vertical cut to the top of its crown was enough. The ghoul staggered to a halt, its mouth gaped open in a muted scream as the top of its head opened like a book.

She scanned the room for more attackers but the tavern had cleared out with one exception, a woman sitting cross-legged on the bar in a dress made for sex. Relaxing her stance she wiped her sword clean on the rags of her victim, sheathed the weapon, and zeroed in her gaze back on the woman at the bar.   


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